Cloth Diapers Challenge – Day 7 – What I learned…

Here we are on day 7, the final day of the cloth diapers flats and hand washing challenge Hosted by: Dirty Diaper Laundry


I can’t believe the week is already over! It’s really been a about 10 days for me though since I started a bit early with it while at Jekyll. Really though the weekish seemed to go by quickly. It really wasn’t anymore work than usual. I thought it would be and even though I never got in a good washing routine I still did it at some point every day. What I loved the most was drying especially when I was able to harness the full power of the sun and hang the diapers outside on the line. There’s something about seeing diapers gently blowing in a warm breeze.
I think the challenge helped me to relax a bit and also remember to keep things simple. Often I think kids have way too much stuff, especially babies and we overwhelm them and mama (and dad too, new parents in general and I don’t care how many kids you’ve had you’re a new parent with each one because each baby is so different) and hence all the “mommy wars”. The flats challenge reminded me to keep it simple. I only had a few covers to choose from each day and one type of diaper. Yet that single layer of diaper had a ton of possibilities! I could use a flat diaper or a flour sack towel or a receiving blanket or an old t-shirt (didn’t use those this week though). I could also do any number of folds though I personally stuck with the diaper bag fold because it worked the best for me and fit so nicely into the diaper bag since we are on the go so much. A few times at home I chose to not put a cover on Ceci just because and it worked out well. I could see right away when she was wet and change her no issues. Well I did have one major issue but I blame Ceci because with the Velcro covers she thought it was hilarious to pull them off. Other than that though I really enjoyed the challenge, way more than I thought I would.
I’m coming up on a year of cloth diapering next month and I wish I knew more about flats earlier on. I wish I hadn’t been so scared of flats when I first bought them. Now I know and knowing’s half the battler [GI Joe]. Plus I can help better educate others as well. I also know for sure that if we ever had an emergency I would be able to was our diapers. I’m also better prepared for traveling and cloth diapering. Again, I hope I reached at least one family in some way because 1 in 3 families struggle to diaper their babies. It’s a harsh reality and I know we were in that boat before and luckily Sophia potty trained herself at a young age and we made sacrifices in other areas instead. I wish I had known more about cloth when Sophia was a baby because of all of her severe diaper rash issues. I hope I opened the eyes of others to see that cloth diapering is doable to show that it has drastically changed over the years [as my dad says over and over].
The flats challenge brought me back to a simpler time and I hope if anything you’ve also learned to simplify your life in some way. Again, babies don’t need all the fancy smancy stuff. Mommies don’t need to be fighting mommy wars because of it. Just relax, keep it simple and enjoy!


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