Cloth Diapers Challenge – Day 6 – Use What You Have!

Here we are on day 6 of the cloth diapers flats and hand washing challenge Hosted by: Dirty Diaper Laundry
Wow is tomorrow really the last day already?!? Well I’m finally caught up on my blog posts. Again not sorry for falling behind with that because our family has been having a blast exploring our local Georgia area (localish we’ve been going a good hour in every direction).

Ok so today is another open post choose what you want option so I decided to do something new. I pulled out a couple of old receiving blankets that I never really used and honestly wasn’t a fan of and used them as diapers.


The purpose of doing this was for me to get some experience so I could tell people oh hey need an emergency diaper well just grab one of the many receiving blankets you never use! Come on folks be honest you know you have a whole stash of them but rarely use them. I know I’ve taken some of them and seen them into pillows or cloth wipes. Now I know I can use them as diapers!

Some people complain about the initial start up cost of cloth diapering. I will admit that sure all at once it may seem a bit overwhelming but it quickly pays off over time. Also, instead of putting disposable diapers on your diaper registry you can put cloth diapers on it! Or if you’re starting late (have an older child – remember I didn’t start Tedy in cloth diapers until after Ceci was born so he was 2.5 years old) in the cloth diaper game you really don’t need to go out and buy everything but take a look around your house and simply use what you have like receiving blankets.


The nice thing about using flats is that if you’re hanging our at home you don’t necessarily need a cover! While using the receiving blankets at home today I really liked how the print looked so I decided to not put a cover on. I can see right away when she’s wet and change her. I figure this is a good method [not using a cover] for potty training; once you start to see it [the diaper] get wet boom sit her on the toilet!

One other thing in regards to using what you have – old T-shirts! I’ve done this in the past, just haven’t this week but it’s also another great option. I’ve been sticking to other 100% cotton materials since that’s what my flat diapers are and it’s what I have the most of for other options such as receiving blankets and T-shirts. They make bamboo and hemp flat diapers so you could use other materials as well. Get creative and keep it simple.

Well I’m finally caught up on my blog posting for the challenge! Seriously can’t believe tomorrow is the last day! I can confidently say I will be adding flats into the rotation on a regular basis!


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