Cloth Diapers Challenge – Day 5 – What’s Working? What Isn’t?

Here we are on day 5 (a day late) of the cloth diapers flats and hand washing challenge Hosted by: Dirty Diaper Laundry

Yet again I’m late with my blog post so clearly blogging on time simply isn’t working for me. I’m not going to apologize for it though because I’ve been enjoying some amazing family time!
So what’s working and what isn’t…
I’m going to do this bullet style with a “+” for what’s working and a “-” for what isn’t.

+ Well first of all the diapers are working very well and I have fallen in love with flats! I truly wish I knew more about them long ago!

– My hand washing schedule. I still haven’t gotten in a good routine. What can I say, I like my sleep and have grown accustomed to pre-setting my washer so it goes through the night and is ready to transfer to dry when I’m up in the morning.

+ The 2nd half of the week the sun finally came out! Yet air drying is super easy peasy either way because the diaper is a single layer if fabric. I’ve been leaving the diapers on the line most all day but honestly that’s not really necessary because I had them on the line while we were out on our evening walk and they were dry when we came back an hourish later.

– Sorting the diapers; I’m only doing the challenge with Ceci because doing it for both her and Tedy I knew was going to be too much for me. So now I have to make sure I separate their diapers. Most of my issue is that we’ve been on the go exploring this week and I really need more wet bags but simply haven’t gotten around to seeing more of them.

+ The diapers seem to be less bulky and fit nicely under clothes, much better than my pocket diapers and they are just as if not more absorbent.

– How squirmy Ceci can be. I’m glad I don’t use pins because I’m pretty I’d injure myself. Actually I caught a boingo just right (before the challenge) and sliced the tip of my finger.

+ Since you can nicely fold the diaper to perfectly fit baby they’re amazing for nighttime! Plus if you have a super soaker (like my kids tend to be) then you can add a pad folded one in to make it even more absorbent!

– Some of the covers (Velcro) aren’t working all the time because uummm Ceci thinks it’s funny to take them off! I like the Velcro and find it easier when they’re itty-bitties and not crawling around so much!

+ My new thirstiest snap covers are amazing! I really like the fit of them though I still love the flip covers as well.

– The negativity some other people have towards this challenge.

+ The surprising simplicity of it all.

Well that’s about it for now. The week is almost over, I can’t believe it, it is going by so fast!


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