Cloth Diapers Challenge – Day 2 – Prep

Here we are on day 2 of the cloth diapers flats and hand washing challenge Hosted by: Dirty Diaper Laundry
It’s more like day 5ish for me because I started using flats on Ceci this past Friday when we went to Jekyll Island and I hand washed them with my camp style washer all weekend. I did use my washing machine on Sunday though since we were back home and the challenge hadn’t officially begun. Using flats and the campstyle washer over the weekend was good practice for this week though. It also helped show me that cloth diapering while vacationing is doable!

Honestly though I’ve been prepping for this week for a while now and truly wasn’t sure about participating until I discovered flour sack towels. Let us rewind a bit though to when I bought my first set of flats. I did so when Ceci was about 4ish months old (so back in the fall) just because I wanted to have a little bit of everything in my stash. I didn’t really use them though because I didn’t understand the folds. I read various instructions and watched you tube videos but I just didn’t get it! Plus we didn’t really cover it that much in my cloth 101 class that I took when 8 months preggo with Ceci. Looking back I wish we covered it more and that I wasn’t so afraid. Actually the flats challenge was either in progress or just around that time frame when I took the class last year. I wanted to be involved this year and I hope to reach at least one family out there to try flats or convert to cloth because I understand how tough it is to afford diapers – I still have 2 in diapers, Tedy is just shy of 40lbs and is 3 and a half years old, it sucks diapering a toddler when you so desperately want him to be potty trained…that’s a story for another day.
Anyways the first set of flats I bought were some oso cozys. and they run around $10 for a pack of 6. When I first got them they were an emergency “crap I’m out of diapers” diaper and I’d just pad fold them and stuff them into a cover.
Yet when I took a flats challenge prep class through my local cloth diaper circle, low country real cloth diapers, I learned various folds. The diaper bag fold is my favorite and the kite fold is one I use on occasion as well. For me these are the two easiest to remember and the diaper bag fold works best for fitting nicely into my diaper bag (hence the name) since we are on the go all the time!

Rewind again…I got some boingos forever and a day ago. I love boingos. I highly dislike snappis and have no desire to mess with pins! What you choose to use as a fastener is totally up to you! Here’s a picture of Ceci modeling one of my favorite new pairs or boingos, GLITTER 😀

She’s also modeling one of my favorite new diaper covers, thirsties duo wrap size 2 polka dots. To help prep I also got some more boingos and more covers. I have a bunch of flip covers with Velcro fasteners but Ceci has learned how to undo her diaper and it’s not a funny game to mommy hence why I switched to snaps when I ordered my thirsties covers. Here’s my stash of new stuff.

Boingos run about $5/pair. They come in an array of colors (there’s even glow in the dark – WANT) Snappis are about $10 for a 3 pack and also come in a variety of colors. Again it’s all preference. I have a snappi from when I took the cloth for every bum class I rarely use it but I want to keep it to help show options to other folks interested in CDing. Ok so let me see…What else do I have that helped me prep…oh..FLOUR SACK TOWELS!

When I took the flats class I FINALLY realized what flour sack towels were! I had been so confused and was literally picturing a sack of flour and the flour being dumped out and then the packaging being used. OMG THEY’RE CRAZY CHEAP! Seriously, a dollar a diaper! You can get a little bit fancier with them because ikea and other stores sell them in various colors and prints (for me it’s more about the cover some people tie dye the flats I don’t bother and the stains don’t bother me as much as well since the sun typically bleaches them out and hello your kid just pooped and/or peed in it no duh it’s going to stain)! I bought two packs of flour sack towels and did a nice flats boil to prep them.
Looking back I probably spent a bit more than necessary but still no where near what I would be paying for disposable diapers! When I bought my flip covers they were on sale 2 for $20, actually 2 of my covers I won during the weekly #clothdiapers twitter chat – there are lots of twitter chats and cloth diaper give aways on a weekly basis as I have won a couple times and have many friends that have won at least once as well. My thirstiest covers were $11 each … So I figure cost wise if I had bought everything just before this week here’s the break down:
• diaper covers – 5 of them, 3 thirsties & 2 flips = $53
• a dozen flats (mix of each osocozy & flour sacks) = $15
• 2 sets of boingos = $10
• planet powder cloth diaper safe detergent (will last me way longer than a week) = $8
• camp style washer = $15
• wet bags (I got materials to sew 6 of them but you really don’t need that many but here’s total cost for those materials) = $14

Total = $115. (ish)

I would spend more than that per month on Tedy’s diapers alone!

I’m telling you right now if we ever have another child we will start cloth diapering on day 1 because flats can be folded to literally fit any size baby; they work all the way up to my big boy! That’s a HUGE savings!

Here’s the biggest tip I have for anyone interested in cloth diapering though…don’t get carried away, BE REALISTIC (as I like to say)! It’s too easy for folks to get caught up in “oh that’s a cute pattern” mode and then they have a huge stash! I personally destashed and sold 5 of my pocket diapers before I bought new stuff for the flats challenge. What I sold pretty much cancelled out the cost of the new covers. Plus these covers will last! They can fit both Ceci & Tedy plus again if we ever have another he/she will be able to use them starting at 8 lbs ish.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even learned something new about cloth diapering. Be sure to check back all week during this challenge adventure!


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