Cloth Diapers Challenge – Day 4 – Thoughts on Hand washing

Here we are on day 4 of the cloth diapers flats and hand washing challenge Hosted by: Dirty Diaper Laundry

Thoughts on hand washing:
• I wish I bought more than one of those ikea thingies (why does ikea have to be so far away)
• I need to get in a routine where I’m washing in the morning so they can sundry (I love a fluffy line out on a sunny day – yet the weather has been a bit rainy so it’s tough to get into this routine)
• I used too much of the planet powder detergent on day 1 & felt like I wasted some water. Now I know to not use so much.
• I’m getting a pretty good workout doing this hopefully it’ll help me build more muscles.
• I love my campstylewasher and it is easy to travel with if you’re staying at a hotel or camping, etc and can bring it with you. I don’t want to leave home without one next time we go to Disney for example.
• My oldest finds helping to wash fun & has asked to help.
• Line drying is one of my favorite things – in VA I would rarely use our dryer when it was nice out and hung everything out. I had more privacy there though and don’t think I could really do that here.
• The biggest pain in the butt is making sure you have all the poop chunks rinsed off before washing (I love my diaper sprayer)
• I’d like to get one of those water spout thingies for the tub so I don’t block the drain (oh well I’ll live).

Hand washing isn’t so bad when you’re in a good routine and when the sun is out. I wouldn’t like to have to do this all the time but I know I could do it as needed and in emergencies. I love sun drying and typically do sundry as much as possible. You can get creative with how you dry; I have a cool thing from ikea that’s perfect for indoors and traveling. I also have a drying rack, a line that I made with rope and pulleys outside, and I’ve used old crib sides. You don’t have to get all fancy and spend lots of money on a drying rack system. Plus the sun is very powerful and will naturally bleach out stained diapers! (yet personally I don’t care too much about the spots on the diapers because hello your kid is just going to get it dirty again anyways, it’s clean just not crisp white anymore). Since I got a pseudo head start last weekend and we were staying at a hotel, I simply used the clothes hangers that were there and even draped some diapers over the chairs on the balcony. To me the key is to keep it simple and use what you have.



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