Cloth Diapers – Flats Challenge – Day 1 – Why?

So what’s the deal with this crazy cloth diapering thing I’m doing now and why am I even doing it? Well, hopefully this blog post will help explain it a bit better… May 20 – 26 is the 3rd Annual Cloth Diapers Flats & Handwashing Challenge. The challenge also helps raise awareness that 1 in 3 Families in the US struggle to afford diapers! Please check out this video from Dirty Diaper Laundry and help spread the word. Seriously throw out every negative thing you think of about cloth diapers and take a moment to learn a bit more and maybe it can help you or help someone you know.
I used to be petrified of Flat diapers. The folds confused the crap out of me and I just couldn’t figure it out. Of course you can simply pad folds and stuff into a cover but I’m here to tell you folding isn’t so bad (hopefully I can get a video I have to upload this week). I am a personal fan if the diaper bag fold; to me it was the easiest to remember and like its name it fits nicely into the diaper bag.
Flats are ridiculously inexpensive! You can go to a place like Wally World for example and in the kitchen towel section you’ll find some flour sack towels a 5 pack is just $5! Or you can use an old T-shirt (click here for DIY) or receiving blanket lowering your cost to pretty much be free since you have the item already and are just repurposing it!
Another great thing about flats is they are easy peasy to wash! You can hand wash them if need be (that’s part of the flats challenge) and then line dry them – saving so much energy and harnessing the power of the sun to not only dry but also disinfect! Crummy weather? no problem just hang to dry indoors – get creative! Easy washing makes traveling with cloth diapers not so bad since you can make and use a camp style washer (I used mine last year when we went camping for a weekend, and I used it ay the hotel this past weekend and of course I’ll be using it during the flats challenge).
If you struggle to afford cloth diapers or would just like to save some money, whatever the reason may be consider cloth diapering, even part time it’ll help you and the earth out.
Interested in learning more? Check out dirty diaper laundry and be sure to check back here for my updates during challenge week.


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