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Let me start off with a little disclaimer: this post is about me and my journey. We are all at various points in our lives and various sizes. This blog reflects my feelings and is not intended to make anyone feel negative about themselves. Only you can make a change in your life and you have to want that change. If you’re at a different stage in your journey that is fine and I support you. My journey isn’t done (I’m not dead yet) but I’m much happier with the road that I am on now.

When 2013 rolled around I knew my year was finally here. Since I started having kids (so for the past fiveish years) I’ve said many time “when I’m 30 I want a new wardrobe.” With that being said I started new goals of being healthier. Rewind to just before having kiddos so like 6ish years ago I was 170ish lbs. I hit 200 when pregnant with Sophia and no matter what people say the “oh it’s just baby weight” comments bothered me. I didn’t like that number at all and knew that after having a child it was going to be tough to get to where I wanted to be. My lowest post Sophia was 160 and that was most likely because I had a parasite and also found out about my GI disease. Back then I settled into my mommy roll and started to accept being a size 12. It was when those size 12s got a bit too tight that I started to get a little more serious about things. I went to an allergist and then to a nutritionist and started to work harder on my “diet”. I have a bunch of food allergies so many alternatives that most people suggest are harmful to me. I was also teaching a ton in the pool and just before getting pregnant with I was down to a size 10 and around 145ish lbs. My ending weight with Tedy was my starting weight with Sophia so at the time I was happy with that progress. Yet I still wasn’t satisfied. That’s when I got serious about running and yoga. It felt good to be active like that. At this time I gave up soda (haven’t turned back and seriously soda is some nasty bad for you stuff but that’s always another post) and became a “vegetarian” (truly though I ate way more carbs than vegetables). At the time I was feeling good and running faster than before and on my way to doing my first marathon. Size wise I was back down to pre-baby weight and was a 10ish. For the next couple of years I only slightly fluctuated with my weight and stayed around 150. Then came my miscarriage and that threw me into a terrible world. Luckily I got even more into running and more into learning about nutrition and fitness and such and just as I was getting closer to 140 and starting to be a size 8 I became pregnant with Ceci. During my pregnancy with Ceci I was by far the most active I had ever been. I gained the least amount of baby weight with her and yet she was my biggest baby. I truly believe that being as active as I was with her made for an easy pregnancy and an easier “labor”, delivery and most importantly, recovery. I was back running when she was a week old and getting ready for my next marathon. Yet still I was stuck in the 150s and back to being a size 10.
When 2013 rolled around I shifted my focus and wanted to be able to do 30 push-ups by the time I was 30 (I had 10 months). Secretly I wanted to weigh 130 as well by that time but I knew that’d be a stretch. I started weekly weighing in and taking measurements monthly.  I started the year weighing in at 145 lbs, hips were 40 in and waist 35 in.  I was only able to do 1 push-up (yes that’s right – 1).  Probably because I was running so much prepping for the Run Disney Goofy Challenge my weight was starting to steadily drop.  Then my MRTT chapter started a Biggest Loser challenge – I really like the show biggest loser and am inspired by it and get into it and learn things all the time.  Ok so there were two options, a buy in and a just for fun.  I did the just for fun because I thought ok I’m down to 140ish and it’s going to take me all year to maybe get to 130 by the time I’m 30.


When our challenge started on February 11th I weighed in at 141 lbs and to my surprise my measurements went down hips were 35in and waist 31 in.  I happily bought a size 6 pair of pants.  Yet honestly I didn’t think I was going to really do much in this biggest loser competition and really just wanted to get in better shape and get the arms back that I used to have.  I started focusing more on my push-ups and what I was eating.  We had phased most gluten out of our “diet” because of Tedy (that’s a whole other story for another day).  Yes Betty Spaghetti RARELY eats spaghetti now.  I tried to make vegetables more of a priority and also started cutting back on my coffee and started drinking more water.  I was so inspired by the ladies in my group.  I love the support they gave each and every week and how even the smallest loss was praised and if someone had a bad week it was ok.  When the final weigh in came around on April 15th I was pretty much shocked weighing in at 134 lbs hips 31 in and waist 27 in.  What shocked me even more was hearing that I won and had lost 4.96% (then I kicked myself for not doing the buy in lol).

afterToday I am still measuring the same but am down 14 lbs since New Years and am 131 (oh so close to 130).  I am seeing way more muscle and can now do 29 push-ups (almost to 30).  I never in a million years thought I’d be at these goals this quickly.  I truly accredit my success to the support of MRTT.  If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have challenged myself even more to do the Biggest Loser competition and refocus on food and health, etc.  (don’t get me wrong this girl still loves dessert – hey, life’s short eat dessert first!)  If it wasn’t for them then I wouldn’t be doing a cool new challenge – this month we’re doing a plank challenge and I’ve added in a crunches challenge as well – I CAN ACTUALLY FEEL ABS NOW!  I’ll admit though I am happy with my success I am still on a journey.  I’m a size 2 now which brings new awkward troubles of its own.  Admitting that I wear a small t-shirt instead of a large has been an adjustment as well.  Yet the hardest thing for me is being happy with my stretch marks.  Then yesterday a dear friend of mine reminded me – “you have those marks because you have three beautiful children.”  It’s still hard but I’m learning to deal with it.  I am learning to accept the new me.  I’m happy I got uncomfortable being comfortable at my mommy size 10ish.  I’m happy I am feeling and seeing muscles again.  I’m  happy that I am running faster than I ever have – I even don’t mind swimming laps as much anymore and feel strong in the water.  I’m also faster on the bike.  I’m happy I’m reaching my new goals and I know deep down I’m happy with those stretch marks because they remind me of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve changed.  They remind me that if it wasn’t for our children I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t change that for the world.  So no matter where you are in your journey, enjoy it, celebrate the little things like MRTT does because the little things quickly add up to be amazing things!

Oh and check out my cool prize 😀




4 thoughts on “MRTT Biggest Loser

  1. Love it!! These challenges were the spark that I needed to finally get my butt in gear and actually lose the last bit of weight that I always told myself that I’d get rid of…just never had the motivation to do so! Thanks for taking part in it! Maybe for the next one, you can be the “Jillian” and do some tough love workouts with the new participants! 🙂

  2. Katie Richard says:

    Good for you! I have also started getting healthier and Matthew and I are walking our first 5k for pancreatic cancer in a few weeks. I never measured but I am Dow about 20 pounds and most of my pants are to big! I have a handle on the Lupus and Fibromyalsia!! I hope in the next month you reach your goal of 130 and 30 push UPS!!!

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