Mama’s Running Bling

In the past few years I’ve found myself collecting more and more running BLING!  Not every race/event gives them out to each participant but there has been a HUGE growth in the running community – which I think is AMAZING!  When I first got seriously into this road running business with my first marathon, Marine Corps of course as devotees will recall, I started shadow boxing.  My dad and I found shadow boxes at Christmas Tree Shops for an amazing price and since then he will order me shadow boxes by the case  – yes I said by the CASE!  “Don’t you just love a bargain!”  As I got more and more into running and as I started to improve and win my age group I found myself shadow boxing more often and it almost became too much.  So I decided to cut back.  I decided to stick with shadow boxing major events (like the Marine Corps Marathon) and some of my age group wins.  I started scrap booking my bibs and adding at least one picture from the event in.  Yet I still have medals just laying around.  There are tons of cool medal holders on the market but honestly I’m too cheap.  I’d also been seeing some cool ideas on Pinterest but nothing really screamed out to me.  Then while wandering around the International Greetings Factory Store (which OMG if you live in the Savannah area you MUST make a trip down to Midway to check it out!  Again, bargains you simply can’t find anywhere else and they’re only open twice a month) the other day I came across these jewel dresser knobs. Image They were only 2/$1.00!  At the time I had NO CLUE what I was going to do with them I just knew that I needed to buy them!  So I bought two of each color and figured I could always go back in a couple weeks and get more (which I will be going back in a couple weeks and I super hope they have these again).  When I got home and was going through all of my goodies I finally figured out what I could do – make a medal hanger!  I went into the garage and looked around at all of my scrap wood.  I sawed off a piece from an old crib (yes I’m one of those people that literally picked up pieces of an old crib from the side of the road because someone was going to trash it but I had visions of something more) and got to work. Image There were still labels on the wood slat so I had to get out some good ole goo gone to help remove them. Image Then I laid out the knobs where I wanted them, marked the wood with a sharpie and got my drill out (I love power tools and I am not afraid to use them in my opinion every woman should know how to use basic power tools).  There was finally a break in the rain so I went outside and sawed the edges off since they were splitting.  I also strip sanded the wood so I had a fresh canvas to paint (the pic of my sander got deleted *sad face*).  At first I was going to paint it this silver sparkly paint that I got but alas it was too light and didn’t look good. Image Luckily I had some pink spray paint and used that instead.  Then I used the silvery glittery sparkly paint and layered it on top of the pink.  I had picked up some glittery sparkly blue sticker letters at wally world and began setting the phrase I wanted but oops of course I didn’t actually check to see if I had enough letters in the package at the store so I had to go through my scrap book supplies and find something to coordinate, luckily I have a bunch of random sticker letters and found a set of blue ones that matched nicely.  I set them where I wanted then added a layer of decoupage to make them stay in place.  Finally I added the knobs and here is the almost final product. Image I say almost final because now I want all blue knobs so that they match the letters.  I am very happy with how it came out though and look forward to hanging it on my running wall and adding my running bling to it!  

For those of you wondering it was an extremely inexpensive project for me, less than $10.  I had the majority of the supplies already and even if you went and bought the paints and such you would have enough to produce more than one product.  In a couple of weeks I have a date with some of the ladies in my MRTT chapter to go to the paper store so they can work on projects of their own – so exciting!  When it’s totally finished and up on the running wall I’ll be sure to post an updated pic!     


2 thoughts on “Mama’s Running Bling

    • OMG YES YOU DO! It’s on 84 in midway just off 95 in the midway industrial park. It’s amazing!!! I’m thinking of making more of these just because. Lol

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