Moms Run This Town

I’m not totally sure where to begin but I just have to share how amazing Moms Run This Town is!

So let’s start at the beginning for me…
This past fall a friend posted a snowflake medal for a virtual race. Seeing the picture of the medal made me want to learn more. You see I LOVE snowflakes seriously I have a tattoo of a snowflake – I see snowflake stuff and well I love it! Ok anyways I found out that it was a winter virtual race through Moms RUN This Town (MRTT) At first I thought oh I’m not part of that oh well. Yet then I looked into MRTT a bit more and learned that we had a local chapter (for here local is Savannah even though it’s well over 20 miles away from Ft Stewart). Then I saw that the cost to join was FREE!!! So I requested to join my local chapter and hit the ground running.
A few weeks later I met a couple of ladies up in Richmond Hill at JF Gregory park and well come to find out they live at Ft Stewart too! So we meet up every once in a while to run together and also have carpooled to events together. When the day for the virtual event rolled around a small group of us from Ft Stewart piled into my van and drove up to Savannah to meet the other ladies. We ran the first 10K of our half marathon with one of the ladies that lives in the area. It was so much fun! I didn’t run my best half marathon time and that’s ok I was there to bond with my new sorority sisters.
Yes I call MRTT a sorority. I was never in a sorority and even if I went to a college that had sororities I doubt I would’ve pledged but I did play sports and my Regis College field hockey girls were definitely like sorority sisters because we had our own wacky traditions and such. Ok well the thing about MRTT is that no matter where you go when MRTT ladies cross paths we cheer each other on and chit chat. When I was waiting for the start of the half marathon at Disney I saw a lady with a MRTT hat and we swapped running stories as we walked to our corrals. When I was up in NOVA for the MCM 17.75K I saw a bunch of local MRTT ladies with these glittery shirts that said “Moms Salute This Town” all day whenever I passed an MRTT lady and especially at MRTT water station I knew I was a part of something amazing! After the MCM 17.75K I told my chapter leaders about these super cool shirts and well come to find out one of the leaders designed the shirt for her BFF up there – how cool is that? Such a small world! Well our chapter has since ordered some shirts because we are a very military area as well.
There are many women that have similar cool stories like mine and I love hearing about them because in a world where moms are so competitive about everything MRTT isn’t. MRTT is supportive and that’s it! We are made up of all shapes and sizes and run all sorts of paces and through it all we support each other. Whenever anyone makes a negative “oh I’m not that fast” sort of comment many of us speak up and turn it positive and say things like “hey you’re getting out there; you are a rockin mama!”
My sister has recently joined MRTT as well. She has a step son and 5 fur babies and in this short time she’s been a part of her chapter I’ve noticed positive changes with her. I’ve seen her motivation spark again. She took a risk and went cycling with another lady and trusted when I said “every one I’ve met through MRTT has been super sweet and cool” she found that to be true. Like I said it’s a supportive sorority and the founder does a phenomenal job at spreading that supportive love!
One other cool thing about being in MRTT are all or the discounts! I got a pair of compression socks for no where near what I would’ve paid for them which is amazing and honestly I am so thankful for that because my chapter leader went out of her way to get them in my big foot size! I may not have ever tried compression socks had it not been for that amazing deal. That’s just an example of one deal there are many others. All the time in our chapter I see ladies talking about carpooling or sharing hotel rooms etc.
I am very much looking forward to more amazing MRTT events and also looking forward to going to the MCM in October because lots of local ladies just jumped in and registered and I know there will be other chapters there as well and in big events like that we are one and it’s so cool to see!
Oh and did I mention I’m going to be a part of an ultra marathon team? These ladies also encourage me to push my boundaries and it’s going to be fun to be a part of a relay team for an ultra it’s the first step to me actually doing an ultra on my own!
Thank you MRTT for all of the support and to other ladies interested in running or that are runners, specifically mamas – please go check out MRTT and if there isn’t a chapter near you be a game changer (as my favorite local running store likes to say and start up a chapter in your area. More than anything always remember to have fun and ENJOY!


3 thoughts on “Moms Run This Town

  1. Nothing but LOVE!!!! This was great. Thanks for sharing! I hope everyone in the group gets a chance to experience the sorority feeling that I totally get too! It’s empowering!

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