5 miles for 5 amazing years!

As of April 19, 2013 Troy and I have officially been married for 5 amazing years! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by! We’ve both been looking back at old pictures and reminiscing lately. We’ve concluded that much like our song, we truly are “The Luckiest”.

In those 5 years we have had 5 different addresses in 3 different states! Through that we have learned that the house isn’t home but the people you love are your home so it doesn’t matter what our physical address is as long as there is love together, that’s where our home is.

This anniversary was celebrated apart…again…but that’s ok. From before day 1 we’ve had some struggles and started out our marriage apart due to me being sick. I cried during our vows because I knew we were already living them and that no matter what we were going to hold true to them. You see, three weeks before our wedding I was hospitalized for a week; then we were together for the weekend of our wedding and again apart for the first month of our marriage because of it. Yet through it all he has loved me and supported me. Many people don’t understand my issues and many people don’t even realize that I am sick and struggle every day to stay well. He gets it and he supports me and my craziness for finding new ways to feel better.

We’ve also lived the for richer or poorer portion of our vows. We’ve been through job loss, job changes, living paycheck to paycheck, etc. Yet through it all we don’t let it negatively effect our marriage. We’ve learned, we’ve grown together and have become thankful for what we do have.

We’ve had many ups and downs but life is always entertaining. As I ran my 5 miles for 5 amazing years in celebration of our 5th anniversary, I reflected on all of this. I prayed the sorrowful mysteries for the recent tragedy in Boston surrounding the Boston Marathon. We were married Patriots Day weekend just outside of Boston and attended the marathon as spectators that year and it’s my dream to one day run the Boston marathon so what happened hit close to home in many ways for us. We’ve talked about it and it brought me to the harsh realization that tragic events like that happen pretty much every day where he is currently located. It made me pray harder that he will safely return home when their mission is done. During my 5 miles I thought about how much fun we had running the Disney marathon together, yes that how we unofficially celebrated our 5th anniversary. So many people congratulated us and it was so encouraging. I know we will run together again, hopefully he won’t have to hold my hand so much to get me through (I did the marathon on a sprained ankle) but as I run now, I know that he’s still holding my hand and supporting me from afar. I know that whenever I struggle that he is there for me even when not physically present.

Yes the life of an Army wife is tough, as I’ve said this isn’t our first anniversary apart and it probably won’t be our last. Yet we’ve learned to not focus on that but focus on the precious times that we do have together. That’s what has made these past 5 years amazing. So cheers Troy to 5 amazing years and here’s to 5 plus more!

“The Luckiest”



One thought on “5 miles for 5 amazing years!

  1. Jessica says:

    I think you are an inspiration to everyone in many ways. I feel blessed to have connected with you on FB. Maybe one day I can meet you in person! We have a lot in common. Well, not the running part!; ) Maybe one day I will start because of you inspiring me. You have a beautiful family and you are blessed. Happy anniversary!!! 🙂

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