Where are you from?

One question that’s always difficult for me to answer is: Where are you from? Typically people are looking for the answer to be a place but I think it’s much more than that. I don’t really feel like I’m from a place but that I’m a world traveler…
Which leads me to wonder, where does time go? Seriously, today I realized that it has been…
Almost 8 years since I left the great North East and moved down South,
5 years since we left Nashville,
and over 2 years since we left Williamsburg.
It makes me a bit antsy to move again. It makes me miss those places we once lived. It makes me wonder what I’ll miss about Fort Stewart.
Sometimes I want to to back to one of the places we used to live but there are still so many more places to explore and wouldn’t that be more fun? Troy says that I’m a gypsy. I guess in a way I have a gypsy/ wandering nomad sort of personality. I really do feel like a pilgrim; always exploring, always searching, trying new things and meeting new people; all while trying to find myself.
I give my parents huge kuddos during this month or the military child. I am an Army Brat and my parents lit a fire in my heart and taught me how to explore my surroundings. They taught me how to have fun in even the most seemingly worst of places. Yes there are negative things linked to each place I’ve ever lived but what outweighs that more than anything are all of the positive, vivid memories! So on dreary days like today I need to remember that…that one day I will look back and think of all the great memories made here. So no matter where you’re at in life I hope you enjoy it. If things aren’t the best or the most ideal place you wanted to live just remember that life is an adventure so enjoy it!


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