Farewell To My “Favorite” Yoga Pants


I just did something very difficult and it took me a long time to do it…too long. The yoga pants you see pictured above are now in the trash. They are gone, just a memory of the past. These pants held onto too much negativity and I tossed that out with the trash as well. I wore these pants one last time today, all day, it brought up terrible memories and I don’t need to ever relive those moments.
Yes folks I have vivid memories associated with certain pieces of clothing. A good friend (practically my sister) would love to make fun of me and the purple shorts. My hubby can vividly recall “that girl with braided pigtails wearing a Red Sox hat” or he will often bring up the “night we met” and we can recall what many people were wearing that night (probably because it was a Halloween party).
Well these yoga pants symbolized to me the beginning of the end of my profession as an aquatics director. Though I miss the pool very much and I miss teaching, I have no desire to ever be a director again. It hurt so badly and it took me too long to realize that the baby in my belly at the time would be so negatively effected by the events that took place that day. I remember feeling as if he was invisible though I was visibly very pregnant. I used to think that those were my “favorite yoga pants” but truly they haven’t been for a long time. The healing process can take a while and I’ll admit that I still have a difficult time with forgiveness. So this morning as I rushed around to find something to wear I looked at those pants and said this is your last day. I wore the pants, saw the chlorine stains, prayed that at the end of the day I could truly let go. Then it came time to get rid of them and I took one final look – tag size: 14; I’m not that size anymore and unless preggo I don’t ever plan on being that size again. I saw how terrible they looked, how terrible I looked in them, how terrible they made me feel! I heard them calling back to me – but I’m so comfy and really it’s ok to wear yoga pants even if you aren’t doing yoga. I said back to the pants – I AM BETTER THAN THIS – I AM STRONGER THAN THIS – I DON’T NEED YOU AND YOUR NEGATIVITY IN MY LIFE ANYMORE and I tossed them in the trash.
I know this post may seem silly to some but it was a wake up call for me. I am better than some crummy old pair of yoga pants and I know many of you have similar articles of clothing that for some silly reason you’re holding on to when you know you shouldn’t be. Let go! Move on – toss em – you’re better than them! Yoga pants have their place but as everyday attire – not so much. Take pride in your appearance! When you get up in the morning to go out for the day be proud of what you have on. Look good for you. Look good because it makes you feel good! True it doesn’t matter what other people think but I know my crummy clothes made me think negatively about myself and I was done with that. Watch out closet Liz DeLise is coming! I have a little bit more than 7 months until my 30th Birthday and I promised myself a new wardrobe years ago and I will hold myself to that promise. No more crap clothes – I need to make space in my closet for clothes that make me feel like the real me, the happy, healthy me!


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