Diva Day

Today was Diva Day – a day dedicated to what this Diva wanted to do! Well not completely but enough so that my energy wasn’t 100% focused on the kids activities. I don’t care if you think it’s selfish because guess what folks sometimes it’s OK to be selfish. As in “you have to put your own oxygen mask on first” selfish. The oxygen mask theory has been popping up left and right lately and so hey, God, I get it, I need to chill and get my mask secured first! It is so true though; how can I help others, especially my children, if I’m not properly taking care of myself?
The day started with a small MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meeting. Honestly, I wasn’t going to attend at first because Tedy had an appointment (I rescheduled that appointment) something was telling me “Hey Liz, it’s ok to reschedule this appointment, you really should be at MOPS.” I am glad I went Dr Cooke of Advanced Chiropractic reinforced some basic things about taking care of yourself first during his talk. I also met a new mom and I hope we will talk more because we face similar issues with having an exceptional child.
Feeling refreshed from MOPS I did some FRG (Family Readiness Group) work and I wasn’t so stressed about it (Dr Cooke also reminded me this morning that no matter how much I workout, stress is going to drive me to an early grave). Then I picked up Sophia from school and we headed up to Diva Day at Georgia Game Changers in Richmond Hill.
Honesty I wasn’t going to go to Diva Day at first but then again a voice said “Just go already, it’s what you need!” Clearly God was speaking to me today because He blessed me in so many ways. No joke I hung out at Georgia Game Changers for 4 hours this evening with the kiddos and we had a blast! We met tons of new people and plunged deeper into connections with people in the community that we already know! I took a stroller class and did some Zumba, talked more about Juice Plus and the importance of fruits and Veges in our diets, had some tea from a local tea company and talked about the orphanage they help and I got a new pair of kicks! Oh and I had dinner with a Diva friend!
On Facebook the annoying articles about how “lavish” military life is are floating about and it frustrates me. I share and put it out there because people are ignorant and blind to what truly goes on in military life. Most of what you hear in the media is wrong or taken from a very small percentage of soldiers. Yes I spent money today (not as much as you’d think though because it was Diva day and diva’s got discounted shoes because what diva doesn’t love shoes?) but the greatest thing that happened didn’t cost a dime! The greatest thing were simple words from my 5 year old “Diva Day was delightful!” My Nana would be proud of those words and say that she is an old soul but truly she hit the nail on the head – Diva Day Was DELIGHTFUL!!!! All the tough stuff isn’t so bad and isn’t something to stress about – remember that stress will just drive you to an early grave. Remember, put your own oxygen mask on first – I did today and look, my daughter ended up having a delightful day as well!
Now my new kicks symbolize another step in my life an “out with the old and in with the new” truly this life is a crazy journey and I’m learning more and more to let go of the things that I don’t need. This goes way deeper than material things but hey as I said before, what diva doesn’t like shoes?



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