Take a Time Out


A while back my friend Amber posted on her blog a glitter bottle project that she completed for her son. I really thought it looked neat and wanted to try it for myself. I was too nervous to make it on my own so I asked if she would show me how. She gladly accepted and so I set up a Facebook event and called it “take a time out”. The point was to encourage my mama friends to come over and enjoy lunch as we create these glitter sensory bottles that can be used for kiddos as a form of “time out”. Truly I wanted one for myself because hey sometimes mama needs a time out as well.
The afternoon was great and it turned out to be a nice play date/craft project lunch. We learned a few lessons about making these bottles so I thought I’d share the project with you.
You will need:
• 24 ozish swirly bottle (the one pictured is a sobe life water bottle though the small coffee creamer bottles work well too. You can use a regular bottle it just adds a lil to it with the swirly bottle)
• 2 cups HOT water (or else the ingredients will annoyingly clump together)
• 2ish+ oz glitter glue (if you use the Elmer’s one pictured below do not use the whole amount use about 1/3 of it
• fine glitter
• clear glue (tacky glue) (this you will use as needed)

Whisk together the glitter glue in the hot water and fine glitter as desired. Pour into the bottle, cap and shake. Add clear tacky glue as needed to achieve desired settling result. Also add warm water to fill remainder of bottle. Seal bottle with super glue. Shake & enjoy!


These bottles can be used in numerous ways and are great for all ages! The ones I made take about 5ish mins to settle an so that’s the perfect amount of time for a “time out” for Sophia for example. I also found that for me shaking the bottle like crazy is a good stress release and better than yelling. Ceci is mesmerized by the way the glitter swirls around; hands down everyone in the house is enjoying these bottles. Huge kuddos to Amber for showing us how to!


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