The Indulging Battle

Mondays are tough for me because my son has therapy literally all morning. So for 3 hours I’m typically bored out of my mind! Today I have done the crazy battle of ooh I want this and then saying no don’t do it multiple times in just an hour! The first time was at Dunkin Donuts (I ❤ Dunks) and I drove around the building saying to myself oh you have a free coffee – but you really don't need the coffee right now – oh you could get a donut – but you're not even hungry. So I left and went to run my errands.
Then I wandered around Wally World – I got what I needed but as I was looking for the Hershey kisses I saw the Cadbury Mini eggs – mmmmmmm my favorite Easter candy…then I saw the pastel wrapped Kit Kat bars (my go to candy bar). Yet then I remembered I only brought cash and just the amount I needed. This is a good thing to do to help you stick to a budget and it was also good because it made me say no Liz no dice today; got to stick to getting what you came for. So I proceeded to check out and then I gathered up my change and headed out.
Well on the way back to the therapists office I stopped at the Richmond Hill Coffee House (so yummy there too). I sat in my car counting my change and realizing hey I have enough left for a little treat. Yet then I heard the sweet sound of Ceci napping and thought man even so baby girl is sleeping so peacefully and I should let her be. So I put the change back in my wallet and left.
You know what the pathetic/worst part is…everything I want has at least one of my food allergens in it and I know will later on in the day make me sick. I know I do this to myself all the time and it's a huge struggle! I've gotten better at reading food labels and saying no can do it has soy or nope it has eggs, nuts, etc. Yet when it comes to places like Dunks I tend to epically fail. Then later in the day I say ugh I shouldn't have eaten that! I can't tell you why I do it and I know I'm not the only one that does it. Yet maybe we need to stop and internally fight with ourselves a little bit more like I have this morning so that we do what's best for us. Enjoy life folks, it's ok to indulge just make sure you're doing so properly and with that being said I think I will make some of my allergen free cookie bars later today.


2 thoughts on “The Indulging Battle

    • It’s a never ending frustrating battle for sure. Then when preggo your body throws you for other loops as well and you’re like ugh really?!? Good luck!

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