Betty Spaghetti

Troy used to call me Betty Spaghetti because I loved pasta! For as long as I can remember we’ve had a cupboard full of pasta! Seriously I used to buy 30 boxes of pasta at a time! Yet now if you opened my pantry you won’t find a single box of pasta. So what happened to Betty Spaghetti? She’s lost to most likely never be found again! It’s even hard for me to believe! How’d it happen? Well when we had to change Tedy’s “diet” we all had to make a sacrifice because he is a food stealer. At first we attempted some corn and rice / “gluten free” alternatives but truly they were just ok (actually one of the rice ones made me throw up). After getting sick off one of the pasta alternatives I said ugh forget it and just completely eliminated it from our house. Then we went to Disney for the Disney Marathon and we had tickets to Pasta Party in the Park – an all you can eat runners dream buffet based around pasta (side note: I do not believe in carbo loading but that’s a different blog about nutrition and running that I’ll have to write another day). Tedy hadn’t had any pasta in about a month so we decided to do a little test…no joke that boy ate more than most adults! He seriously had at least 4 plates of rigatoni (his favorite because he can put it on his fingers to eat). The next day was painful for him – his eczema was flared up and his diapers were NASTY (I’m glad we have a high quality cloth swim diaper because he would’ve closed the kiddie pool down). That was our sign to stay clear of pasta for him. Truly I didn’t find the pasta to be as appetizing as I had wanted it to either. When we got back home we returned to our version of clean eating. We have tons of food allergies to work with so what works for us is what works for us and you need to find what works best for your family. Yet after reading more articles from the natural running center, and after talking to various nutritionists, dietitians and holistic folks I’ve learned that most of the pastas on the shelf aren’t so good for you. Like much of our foods they’re way too over processed and so funky things to our brains and bodies. From personal experience I believe that dropping the pasta from my diet has helped me drop my pants size in half. I usually don’t share weight and measurement info but I will because it’s the only change I made this new year (I’ve been soda free and I didn’t increase my workout load). So on New Year’s Day I could barely fit into my size 12 jeans and today I am comfortably in a size 6. I’ve also steadily been losing weight, averaging a pound a week for a total weight loss of 8 pounds. Again the only major change in my diet was dropping pasta!
Yet it’s so weird to not be Betty Spaghetti anymore – I don’t even walk down the pasta aisle anymore (I’ve also gone back to making my own sauce). There’s only one spaghetti left in my life = spaghetti squash. Here’s an easy spaghetti squash recipe for you (some people do it a lil different and that’s ok as always find what works for you):
Heat oven to 375. Puncture spaghetti squash all over with a fork. Place in a roasting pan and cook for about 30 mins, flip over and continue cooking for an additional 30 mins. Cut in half and scoop out the noodles.
You can then add pasta sauce if you’d like. I like to sauté with a lil bit of evoo and garlic. I’ve also seen folks add some feta and spinach, etc basically treat it like angel hair noodles.


4 thoughts on “Betty Spaghetti

  1. That’s a crazy improvement!! Just by taking out pasta for 2 months!!??? Amazing… Keep up the awesome work! I remember back in my early 20s (sigh), that’s all I pretty much ate – carbs, carbs, carbs – because I was a poor college student. I could pack it in an not gain a pound… now my damn metabolism caught up to me… lol Just have to learn to adapt, right?!!

    • Thanks! I’d been at prebaby weight for a while and just couldn’t get into single digit pants size and was just starting to accept that was how my body had changed and oh well. It was just by chance that we cut the pasta out & truly if it wasn’t for having to cut it out for my son I wouldn’t have. Yet the more I talk to folks the more I realize oh ok that makes sense lol. So I’m happy with the steady loss, especially in the waist. Now the clothes shopping part is a pain lol.

  2. Elizabeth Murphy says:

    Poor Tedy. I hate hearing that he had such a tough time. You have certainly become a nutrition expert just by dealing with your families special needs. When I read your blogs and FB post, I think you are more busy now than when you were employed full time. The job of Housewife and Mother is the most stressful job of all. You are on call 24/7 with no days off. You are truly an inspiration to me.

    • Aawww thanks! Some days I do feel like I work more than I did back then especially when it comes to meetings and appoinments. The pay isn’t bad though lots of snuggles & I’ve learned to laugh more.

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