Microwave Popcorn

I didn’t watch the Oscars this year but there’s been lots of buzz about it the past couple of days. It made me realize – wow I don’t nearly go to the movies as much as I used to! Seriously in high school My BFF Christina & I went to the good ole Dedham movie theatre (you know the ghetto one where Legacy Place now stands) all the time! Oh and during my year of grad school a group of us would literally go every Friday night to the cinemas in GreenHills! Clearly now that I have kiddos I don’t go to the movies often and if I do it’s typically to see a kids movie (don’t hate though Rise of the Guardians was AMAZING)!
Anyways, hands down movie theatre popcorn is one of the worst “snacks” for you! If you’re out at a movie theatre don’t even waste your money! However if you’re fortunate enough like we are to have a local drive-in (woot woot shout out to Jesup Drive in down here in Georgia) where you can bring in your own food ($5/car please come on folks it’s an amazing deal my van full for a night out at the movies including food pass is only $20 for the double feature), try out this recipe to bring with you.
All you need is a brown paper lunch bag (you can get them at the dollar tree or Walmart they’re ridiculously inexpensive) and 1/4 cup kernels. Put the kernels in the bag, fold it closed, lay flat and pop on your popcorn setting (this varies by microwave so be sure to use your senses and perfect it for your own microwave). When done open up the bag and season to taste, close the bag and shake real well until popcorn is evenly coated. ENJOY! Be careful on the seasoning stage to not over do it. I typically spray a smidgen of evoo and add a dash of salt – the kids love it! So ditch the traditional microwave popcorn, even the “healthy” versions are loaded with chemical preservative gunk; also cost wise are way more expensive.
Hhmmm…now what movie to go see – ENJOY!



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