To share or not to share that is the question…

In today’s day and age of technology overload we often know more than we should. Sometimes we get upset about something someone posts even though it has absolutely nothing to do with us. I know I’m guilty of feeling that way. Or we find out something about someone that truly had it not been for Facebook we would’ve never known! In my opinion we over share now a days. (Quick disclaimer note I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m far from it, I’m guilty of it as well). Yet I think there needs to be some etiquette guidelines that people should follow. Or at least use some common sense before you click share, especially when it concerns your children. Too often I’ve been browsing my Facebook newsfeed and a pic pops up and I’m sitting there thinking WTF. Too often I have seen pictures of children with rashes on various parts of the body accompanied with asking for medical advise. Well folks let me tell you Facebook is not the place for that! Before you post a picture of your child, especially of your child’s diaper area ask yourself this: would I post a pic of my butt? I can almost guarantee you your answer is NO (if it’s not then that’s a whole other issue). So please DO NOT post a pic of your child like that! Please go seek proper medical attention. It’s not just diaper rash pictures it’s anything concerning your children – if you wouldn’t post something similar about yourself then don’t post it about your kids. “But oh it’s so cute” – no it’s not…and somewhere down the line your child may have to face that. Oh and if you think “but I have privacy settings…” – hate to tell you folks but privacy settings only get you so far.
With that being said please be careful what you share with your “friends” if you’re connected to the military please remember OPSEC (operational security). On the flip side if someone posts something that boggles your mind – don’t let it get you too worked up and ask yourself: would I have known that if it wasn’t for Facebook? If the answer is No, probably not; then let it go.


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