I’ve finally conquered chicken soup!

Ladies and gentleman the day has finally arrived where I can say I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY MADE CHICKEN SOUP!!! My lowest, absolute worst kitchen flop (even worse than brownies) was chicken soup. A few years ago in an attempt to make chicken soup I epically failed and literally made mush! It was so bad the dog wouldn’t eat it! My husband somehow ate a bowl, I swear it’s only because he loves me and was trying to make me feel better. Yet when I have a kitchen hiccup he will remind me “remember when you made mush?” Well folks those days are long gone and I can now share an easy peasy recipe with you:

* 1 lb chicken breast
* 32 oz (1 box) chicken broth
* 30ish oz (about 2 cans) mixed vegetables
* 1 cup long grain brown rice (you could use white rice if you want)
* salt & pepper to season

Pour broth into crockpot. Cut chicken breast into chunks and add to broth. Cook for about 5 hrs on low or about 2.5 hrs on high (know your crockpot everyone’s is a lil different so do as you’d normally cook crockpot chicken). While cooking the rice according to package directions add Veges to the crockpot. After rice it cooked add to the crockpot. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve and Enjoy!



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