Crunchy Mama – Prefolds & Covers

If you said to me a year ago that I would be cloth diapering two children and advocating for it I’d probably laugh in your face! Wow how times have changed in just a year! Truly it was only 9 months ago that cloth diapers piqued my interest. I have learned a ton since then and continue to learn more all the time I want to share with you one form of modern cloth diapering that you might recognize from older cloth diapering days…prefolds and covers!

You can start cloth diapering with prefolds and covers for just $50 by purchasing the Econobum Kit . Check out the Econobum story here, it’s truly an amazing company. Econobum prefolds are my personal preference for prefolds because of their unique design, though there are many other brands and types of prefolds on the market. Tip: steer clear of gerber prefolds, they don’t hold up well and should be renamed burp cloths in my opinion.
One great thing about prefolds is its versatility. You can pad fold it and just simply insert it into the diaper like this picture:

Or you can do one of the classic style folds but don’t worry you don’t have to use pins! There are two great alternatives on the market (pictured below) snappi or boingo. It’s all about personal preference and I personally prefer the boingo over the snappi.

I’ve found that the Boingos hold up better, especially with bigger babies or toddlers. Wondering how these alternative diaper fasteners stay in place? Easy peasy they have little “claws” or “teeth” that hook onto the diaper. Check out this video for a demo.  Also check out this video to see some of the differences between traditional prefolds and the Econobum prefold – as well as my stash of covers.
I hope you learned something from this post, it’s not sponsored by anyone, just what I do. As with all parenting things you need to figure out what works best for you and your family. For more cloth diaper info please check out the Kelly Wels books: Changing Diapers or take a local Cloth 101 class. As always I’m here for you and if I’ve piqued your interest in cloth diapering please feel free to ask away and stay tuned for more cloth diapering posts.


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