Hands down Legos are my FAVORITE toy for the kiddos! We literally have thousands of them and I guarantee you our collection will continue to grow.

We spend hours upon hours playing with Legos. That’s right – we – as in I love to build with my kiddos! So much so that I confess to guiding my child’s most recent toy purchase so I could help build some cool stuff. Not gonna lie – there are even a few Lego sets on my wish list – even Duplo style Legos are on my list!

Legos truly are fun for the whole family! Plus they are an extremely educational toy! By playing with Legos a child can work on: fine motor skills, colors, numbers, problem solving and creativity! There are literally endless ways to play with Legos! Oh and they’re wicked durable!
Here are a few tips for Lego family fun…
• Don’t totally judge a set by the age written on the box. For example, Sophia love Lego friends even though she isn’t technically of age to play with them yet. So she needs a little assistance here and there but hey that’s what mama is for – to have fun building with her. Also, If you have small children (or a child that’s still a “mouther”) you have to be careful to make sure they only play with the Duplos because regular Legos can be a choking hazard.
• Don’t get too attached to one project – some part of it will probably break off – no biggie that’s just part of the fun of building to me.
• Keep building instructions – I’ll be getting more organized with this soon because we have so many sets now. I suggest getting a binder with document protectors and dividers to help you organize them.
• Don’t worry too much if you lose the building instructions luckily has some great resources to help you find what you’re looking for. They also have some freebie Lego building ideas. Oh and Pinterest is chock full of Lego building ideas!
• Let your imagination run wild! You don’t always need building instructions to have fun.
• Have a designated Lego building area as to avoid the dreaded pain that stepping on a Lego causes. I am in the process of making our own Lego table so I’ll post it once it’s completed
• You don’t have to buy fancy pantsy storage containers. Sure they’re cool but craft boxes (like the ones you can find in the bead section) are the perfect size to hold figurines. Also don’t be afraid to REUSE old coffee cans for example to help store the Legos.
• Make your own Lego games – I really want Creationary but our family isn’t at that Lego building level yet. So I can create my own games instead by REUSING things (those coffee cans rock) and playing various sorting games for the kids – woot woot they’re having fun & learning!
• ENJOY! Don’t be afraid to be a kid at heart and play with your kids – they will remember and treasure those moments!



One thought on “Legos!

  1. We LOVE Legos in our house too! I can’t wait until Jordyn is old enough for the Lego friends, of “girl Legos” as we call them. For now I build “boy Legos” with Dylan. I’m the one to help with the sets and my husband is the one that helps Dylan free build. We even made Dylan a Lego table to use.

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