Coin & Covenant

First off all ladies need a go to black, dress, set of pearls & comfy dress shoes (yes dress shoes can be comfy I personally like Jessica Simpsons shoes because they are extra cushy) ready to go at a moments notice.


To share how much fun we like to have in our house…
Troy – I’m glad we could go to this you don’t often get to dress up.
Me – I put this on, looked into the mirror and said “I’m sexy and I know it!”
Troy – “I knew you were trouble when you walked in” Liz DeLise.

This evening we attended a Coin & Covenant ceremony. Coin & Covenant is a great military ceremony where you get a chance to renew your wedding vows. I’ve now “married” Troy 3 times in 5 years and yep I’d marry him again!
“So now I’ve married you in a courthouse, Catholic Church and a Protestant Service. What’s next? Jewish? Call up our buddy Adam when he’s a Rabbi? Outdoor services are Pagan, we could do that too!” – Troy

Chaplain Hairston gave a great sermon during the service! I seriously want to get a copy of it to link here so you can read it because I can’t do it justice. Here is one thing that stuck out to me: have a family motto – I think our family motto would be “life’s short, eat dessert first” it’s our way of saying to enjoy life and have fun! Also, all of the Chaplains talked about how to rekindle the dating days by having fun conversations about “nothing” and to fall in love all over again every year.
It was an excellent ceremony and if you ever have an opportunity to attend one I recommend you do. If you aren’t part of the military but are married these things apply to you as well. Even just now take a moment to pledge with your spouse what’s written on our certificate from tonight’s ceremony: “We affirm that marriage is a covenant. It is intended to be a lifelong fruitful relationship between a man and a woman. We vow to one another, our family, and our community to remain steadfast in unconditional love. We will reconcile when we have challenges. We will remain true to one another while purposefully growing in our covenant marriage relationship.”



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