Newborn Cuddles

Please read this article, it is amazing! It talks about the importance of bonding with baby…I am a natural birth advocate and am personally against convenience births such as planned cesareans. (Disclaimer: I don’t look down on you if you had a c-section no mommy war here just saying I am against them as in I would never want to have abdominal surgery). However I do understand that sometimes c-sections are medically necessary (FYI I was born via c-section). Even more so I am an extremely pro-breastfeeding mama (again no mommy war remember I did have to formula feed Sophia). Yet I will say that it took me having my 3rd child to realize exactly how important it was to immediately bond with my baby! I started to learn this lesson when Tedy was born. I was fortunate to have him at a baby friendly hospital. This meant that right after he was born they placed him on my chest and just a few hours later a lactation consultant was in to check on me and help with our breastfeeding journey. Now with Ceci I didn’t have all of those amazing things yet luckily I had some great nurses to help me with what I wanted. I am a Certified Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and I dream of being an IBCLC because I believe there need to be more of them in the world, especially the Army world to help support breast feeding mamas and to encourage all mamas properly! Ok so back to Ceci – during our peer counselor training we watched an amazing video where baby naturally found her way to the breast within the first hour of life! It was beautiful! I helped Ceci a bit but OMG I was amazed that she latched on in her first hour of life! By the way I don’t know if I could’ve done that without the amazing support I had with Tedy. I was on such a “high” for the longest time! It was the most amazing feeling ever! Others look at Ceci’s birth experience as being something negative because Troy wasn’t around, because I didn’t have any meds, etc. I happily let them know that it was my best experience yet and that I wouldn’t mind being blessed with another child and possibly having a home birth (that’s another story though). So to all the stressed out preggo mamas or the ones knowing that they have to have cesareans check this kangaroo thingie out – love on your little Joey as soon as he/she comes out of the pouch – it will help naturally ease your stresses better than any meds in the world! Also if you have a new baby and are struggling with breastfeeding please please PLEASE know that there are many support options out there and that you are not a failure! To ALL mamas – GOOD LUCK & ENJOY!


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