I’m a crunchy baby wearing mama!


Apparently I’m a fairly “crunchy mama” – I’m all about: baby wearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, natural birth…it’s what works for me! Disclaimer: if you aren’t into any of these things that’s cool I support you still and am not here to start mommy wars, I’m just here to tell you what our family does.
Ok so today I want to share my newest mama gadget with you – the Ergo Baby carrier! I had been debating this purchase for a long time and am glad we finally got one! I wore Sophia all the time in her sling & then in the baby Bjorn – she loved it! Tedy wasn’t as into being worn he wanted to be swaddled tightly and it wasn’t until recently that I thought “ugh this boy seriously wants to be carried a ton – I need something to make my life easier!” Ceci has enjoyed being worn and liked the sling and we have tried and returned many other carriers to amazon…we tried the moby wrap & Mei Tai wrap just to name a few. Ceci is my biggest baby by far and so she quickly outgrew the sling but I wasn’t a fan of the others and I didn’t want another baby Bjorn (I gave mine to my cousin). So after much research I started leaning towards getting an Ergo. I priced like crazy and finally I stopped caring so much about color when I saw that “camel” was just $78 on amazon! It was a deal in comparison to others since they’re typically $120+ at Babies R Us or Target.
When it arrived we tested out the front carry on Ceci and she wasn’t too happy about it. At first I thought oh no not again…hopefully she likes one of the other ways to be carried! So we attempted the back carry and she was all smiles! SCORE! I still need to figure out the hip carry though.
This morning Tedy was throwing an “I want mama” fit so I grabbed the Ergo and put him in backpack style. He quickly calmed down and I was happy for the 40 lb weight limit on this carrier. When it came time to pick up Sophia, Tedy of course fell asleep in the car and I really didn’t feel like dragging out the stroller – it’s been such a pain to push a double stroller in & out at drop-off & pick-up. Tedy happily slept while I went in to get Phia.
Now Sophia wanted to give it a try and luckily she is small enough – man we could’ve used this a long time ago just for the baby wearing lover Sophia! So here are my YouTube videos on how to load and unload in backpack style.
It’s truly easy peasy and if they’re older they can help a bit. If you’re loading a baby be sure to support her with a flat back and a hand on her while buckling up or unbuckling. ENJOY!!!


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