Professional Athletes Aren’t Heroes!

I write this post with a heavy heart; too many professional athletes have been flooding the media with various scandals and I have had enough! Professional athletes are NOT heroes! They are humans and even the most inspirational ones have faults. So what is a mom to do? How do you encourage your children to follow their dreams and get involved in sports? (note I’m just talking about sports but it can apply to other professions as well)
I’m talking to you professional athletes – THIS MOM WANTS ANSWERS! I could say that “oh well they’re only human” but kids don’t understand that. They see that oh well such and such took performance enhancing drugs so it’s ok for me to do so because I’m only human so if I do then maybe I can have the fame and fortune. Or they say hey well these athletes received bonus money for hard hits…by the way there was a case of this actually happening in a kids football league! Kids grow up to fast now a days and it’s sad. I’m sick of having to figure out how am I going to explain this to my child?! Even as an adult I am disgusted by the things in the news! I am disgusted at the affairs that have taken place and smacked the sanctity of marriage in the face. Enough is enough! No matter who you are, this behavior is not acceptable! You know what I would really like to see? I would like to see true apologies from some of these athletes. True apologies to the kids that look up to you! PSA’s featuring these athletes, putting themselves out on the line about how stupid they were to take performance enhancing drugs, etc.
It’s sad that I have to over generalize because there are some great professional athletes out there that do amazing things but those people don’t stick out as much in the media. DWs inspirational, biblical tweets don’t make headline news. To the folks flooding the news with negativity shame, shame on you! To those stuck in the middle and not so sure what to do…please before you take that drug or have that affair think twice and know that it may be years later but the truth always comes out and you’ll have many people to answer to. Finally to the DWs of the athletic world, the clean cut guys – thank you, keep up the amazing work!
To the other moms like me – be the inspiration for your children, be the positive role model so that they can say ya know what? My mom rocks – I’d like to be like her!


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