Green Mama – Part 3: Reuse incentives

First I want to send a big shout out to my favorite place for coffee and donuts, DUNKIN DONUTS!! This morning I stopped in our local Dunks for some donuts and overheard that they were giving away free cups with the purchase of a medium or larger beverage…say what free cups??? 😀 That sparked excitement in the whole line and the gentleman in front of me commented how nice it was of me to get everyone out of their cold blah mood and excited about a free cup. (That’s another story though but something to ponder of why we are so blah and just ho-hum in line). When it was my turn to order I said that I thought it was great they were giving out cups this morning and the manager said it was to help promote reusing cups and even told me that you get a discount when you bring it back in! I said I thought that was great and commented how I used to bring in my own cup on a regular basis but for some reason had stopped. This simple event got me thinking – why did I stop bringing in my own cup? My sister and I buy new iced-coffee cups almost every time they release a new one. Plus I use it at home all the time! So here it is:

The cup that sparked this post – do reuse incentives work? Personally I think they do, or at least for me they do. Now that I know I will get a refill discount at Dunks for bringing in a Dunks cup I will make more of an effort to do so. Yet what about grocery shopping? When we lived in Williamsburg Troy & I were very diligent about bringing in our own bags. Was it because we cared about the environment? Well, sort of but truly I know I cared about the incentive! You see most of the grocery stores in the burg gave you money off your grocery bill, typically 10 cents per bag! I know it may not seem like much but hey money off a bill is money saved! We were much “greener” in those days – walking to the store for our groceries (it was only a quarter mile away) and bringing in our own bags. Carpooling, walking or biking (bicycle folks we don’t have a motorcycle) to work or Sophia’s school. We composted and had a decent garden, etc. I wish we did more of that here. It is tough at times and I really wish there were more sidewalks around here because I would totally utilize them to walk Sophia to school, etc. As I say though “be realistic” new sidewalks aren’t going to be put in with the snap of my fingers but here’s what I can do – I can start reusing my grocery bags for groceries, I can continue to reuse the plastic bags we do have for picking up doggie poop for example (hey folks don’t forget your dogs poop it’s so nasty when you don’t and just think of it this way – your dogs crap left out like that goes straight back into your drinking water!) or household waste basket liners. I can also make sure to bring my own cup, incentive or not from now on, into Dunks for my coffee. I encourage you to find just one small thing you and your family can start doing now to reuse something because a little bit goes a long way!


4 thoughts on “Green Mama – Part 3: Reuse incentives

  1. I am totally into reusing glass jars now. Especially after seeing that I can layer my salad ingredients in a “Ball” type jar, vacume seal and safe it for up to a week ready to go. (Now to get the vacume seal thingy since I just got a whole box of jars.) But I like the jars for almost everything for storage. If I liked Dunks coffee I would totally get one of these. I belive Bucks will do the same thing though and they have days where if you bring in your own reusable cup you get your coffee for free. 🙂

  2. The closest Dunkin Donuts to us is in Richmond Hill, so typically I go to Starbucks. They also give you a discount when you bring in a reusable cup. I often forget to bring my cup there and I really need to get better at it, but I always bring my giant reusable bag of reusable bags when I go shopping anywhere. Most places don’t give you discount, but it’s a nice little perk when they do. Target is one of those places that does give you a discount, and I want to say they give you a discount for every bag you bring regardless of how many they use, which is nice since I have 10-15 bags, and sometimes only uses 1 or 2. LOL! Something else that’s great about those bags, they hold more so you have less to trips to the car to make, which as moms, we know is extrememly helpful since that box of Annies bunnies is always in the last bag you grab and the one thing they have no patience on waiting for. HAHA!

    When my husband goes shopping, he will use the reusable bags if I ask him to but rarely remembers on his own, so when he comes home with plastic bags, we, like you, save those for the dogs, waste basket liners and our “trash bags” in the car.

    I’m trying really hard to be better at becoming more green. I definitely have a long way to go but I’m slowly getting there. My next step is to buy greener cleaning products or make my own, if I can find recipes for them.

    Great post and way to think green!

    • Sabrina you should check out the book Green Mama by Tracy Bianchi. She has excellent tips on ways to realistically implement being green with your family. We may not be able to be super green with everything but hey a little bit goes a long way with what we do!

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