Little Girls Clothes :-/

I used to be a big morning “news” watcher; yet it was continually annoying me so I slowly started cutting back. It started with Hoda & Kathy Lee when they had their needles or knife segments that encouraged women to go out and get Botox or a facelift or some other cosmetic surgery. Then the rest of the Today show got cut because of the oh these pants are only $50 very affordable…sorry I don’t relate how one outfit for $200+ is affordable. Then the local news got cut simply because I was enjoying the peace of having some time to myself before getting the kiddos up and ready for the day.
Well this morning Troy had the news on to check up on the weather – I use various iPhone apps for this now. He left it on and for some reason I didn’t turn it off. It’s off now though because again I became annoyed. This time it was on a segment about Cheer Savannah. The story was decent – little girls wanting to be competitive cheerleaders. Ok fine I’m all for that but what I absolutely positively did not like was all of these little girls, and I mean little like Sophia’s age, just 5-7 years old! Ok well all of these little girls were wearing sports bras! I personally think that clothing like that should not be in a little girls closet! Seriously folks I am appalled by most of what I see in the little girls department of stores as well! Let little girls be little girls! I have two daughters and my oldest at just 5 years old is already starting to notice these clothing differences. I am proud of her for her crazy style! Yet sadly I know she will one day get bullied because she’s not the “norm”. Yet she is strong and I’ve seen her already brush bullies off. Yes at just 5 years old we already deal with bullying! I just pray that my girls grow to be strong women and don’t fall into this oh I have to wear such and such because everyone is. I pray that Sophia continues to love her modest yet stylish clothing. I pray that all little girls out there get a chance to just be little girls and have fun and not have to worry about body image at any age!


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