“BE REALISTIC!” coffee

Troy says I have a motto: “BE REALISTIC!” I guess in a way he’s right because it’s a phrase I often say and one that I try to live by as well. No it doesn’t hamper on dreams it makes them possible – it helps take things to the next level.

So here’s my next level with coffee…
Devotees will recall that I gave up soda (I’ve been soda free for 2 years, 7 months & truly have no desire to go back)
I love coffee and have “given it up” many times. When I was pregnant with Sophia I was super strict about it (not so much with Tedy & Ceci). Yet I can’t seem to kick the habit! Truly though a regular cup o’ joe isn’t that bad for you – actually it has some health benefits (but that’s a different story). What’s not so good is the crap that you load into your coffee.
I’ve cut WAY back on my coffee and have gone from having a whole pot (yes I used to drink a whole POT aka 12 cups) by myself to 1-2 cups a day. I’ve also cut back on how often I go to dunks (except when back home OMG there is just something about being back on Massachusetts and going to dunks every morning). With those “be realistic” cut backs I realized I loved iced coffee and my big ole tervis tumbler was mainly filled with creamer (I’ve also done a good job about cutting back on the sugar…I used to take my coffee with so much sugar that it wouldn’t even dissolve completely).

So hhmmm what should the next step be? Today while grocery shopping I figured it out! Something led me to read the labels of the coffee creamers (I did this because I didn’t see the flavor I had a hankering for). This is what a typical coffee creamer label ingredients list includes: water, sugar, partially hydrogenated soybean oil (oh no wonder why I always have some point in the day that I don’t feel good – duh Liz you are allergic to soy), natural & artificial flavors, sodium caseinate (wtf is that?!? It says it’s a milk derivative but isn’t a source of lactose), dipptassium phosphate, polysorbate 60, mono & diglycerides, color added, sodium stearoyl lactylate, carrageenan.

SAY WHAT?!? Spell check doesn’t even recognize half that stuff as words!!!

I looked up high and saw some Natural Bliss (my friend Lisa had been talking about this stuff…she is also a coffee addict). This stuff includes: nonfat milk, heavy cream, sugar, natural flavor (vanilla)…well that was easy…of course the 16 oz bottle is the same price as the 32 oz bottle of chemicals (sorry I don’t know what else to call that kind of coffee creamer any more because it’s ingredient list is so confusing to me now).

I picked up one other new alternative that wasn’t as pricey as the Natural Bliss to test out. French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer includes: organic coconut milk, dried cane syrup, natural flavors (vanilla) only downfall I’d say is…colored with titanium dioxide (that brings silly pictures into my mind), dipptassium phosphate, carrageenan, guar gum.

We shall see how this next step goes but my point is that you truly need to “BE REALISTIC” when “dieting”. I know giving up coffee completely for me is just silly and it won’t work…plus there are some health benefits to it (kinda like how I still enjoy a nice glass of wine of beer on occasion) ok so how do I make my overloaded with chemicals coffee better? “BE REALISTIC” with my creamer – if I know what the ingredient is then I think I’m headed down the right path.

Baby steps folks…baby steps…most importantly…ENJOY!



10 thoughts on ““BE REALISTIC!” coffee

  1. I’ve never seen that creamer before. I think I’ll have to take a closer look at the grocery store. I usually buy hazelnut but vanilla doesn’t bother me! Thanks for the tip, and now you have me wanting to go look at my bottle of creamer. LOL!

    Oh, and a complete different note, I’m from Mass too! 🙂

  2. I will say that even the Natural Bliss one for me was an adjustment. But this morning I was out of that and only had almond milk in the fridge. Luckily it was a small cup of coffee I was experimenting with but I used the almond milk and some of Dave Meyer’s local honey and it was alright; not gulpping it down like I was with the chemical stuff and the kids tried it and even Audrey (my coffee stealer) said “yuck”. I might try the coconut one but I didn’t like the flavor of coconut water so I don’t know. The price difference of these creamers is yet another example of why it is so hard at times to eat/drink healthy. I, too, have been cringing at the price of my “real” cream creamer but I feel better physically and mentally about my choice even if my pocket book took a bit of a hit. Although I would say because the price is higher and I buy the smaller bottle is another reason I have cut back on the coffee; just for lack of enough creamer and not wanting to go to the store and spend more money. 🙂

      • Totally butting here, but I do not like coconut water at all. I know it’s supposed to be gppd for but I just don’t like it. I have never tried regular coconut milk (I am afraid I won’t like it) but I have tried the mint chocolate flavor and it was A-FREAKING-MAZING! We were downing that stuff at my house and we finally had to say no more for a little while just because it is a bit more expensive. But now here you are saying to try it in my coffee? GENIUS! And I think we’ve taken a long enough break from it. HAHA!!

        OK, I’m done cutting in now 😉

      • Haha. It’s ok I agree by the way I think coconut water is seriously disgusting! It was one of those things I literally tried every version on the market because I wanted to like it but no dice.

  3. I love anything with that SO Delicious coconut milk in it! You should try their “ice cream” – or frozen non-dairy dessert, as they call it! It’s so friggin… delicious! 🙂

  4. I did a little “cleanse” last week, trying to eat no processed foods and no beverages but water for just four days. My exception on the beverage thing was coffee, but I HAD to avoid the creamer with the unpronounceable ingredients. So, I mixed up some of my own with my 1-year-old’s organic whole milk, some vanilla extract, and just a little white sugar (would have preferred raw sugar, but didn’t have any). It was okay. Not as sweet as I would usually like it, but when my four days were up, my usual creamer seemed so sickly sweet I decided to start cutting it with milk. So blending that with milk is a good compromise for both the wallet and my health!

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