Since I did a fairly good job at keeping my 2012 New Years resolution I’m looking forward to this year and the new goals I’ve set.

1) continue my goal of running one race a season. Also adding in the YEAR OF THE SPRINT TRIATHLON!
Last year I signed up for 2 tri’s and they both were cancelled and I was super sad. So this year I’m going to “Tri” again and since there are 3 events that make up a Tri I’m going to attempt to do 3 of them. Also since it’s my first year ever attempting them I’m going to stick with the sprint level in hopes of slowly working my way up to the Ironman distance over the next 5 years (aka before one of my besties turns 40). Here are the ones I want to sign up for:
March – Parris Island – this is a pool Tri which I think will be a great start considering I’m a pool swimmer.
May – Jekyll Island turtle crawl. I’ve volunteered the past 2 years for this rocking event and will volunteer pre race again as well as participate. Oh and we aren’t camping this time haha. My dad said we have to get a hotel or something lol. Not going to argue there.
August – Quantico Tri. I want my Sis to do a Tri so badly. We’ve been talking about it for YEARS! So pray that she stays injury free and we get to do this inaugural event.

2) also in the fitness category…run 1000 miles. I think I can do this considering I did 572 last year and I was preggo for half the year! Again at least 1 race per season. Starting off the new year right at Disney by doing 39.3 miles, celebrating our 5th anniversary running! In march my sis and I are going to do the MCM 17.75K to guarantee our entry for Octobers MCM! In December I’ll of course do “Savannah’s best kept secret” the Savannah River Bridge Run Double Pump. I’m sure I’ll be able to find more races to participate in to reach my goal.

3) again with fitness…complete 30 push ups (real ones on my toes – PT test style) by my 30th Bday. Ok I have less than a year to reach this goal but I have some long distance friends already helping me out and I’m going to join the Y.

4) work on that biting my nails thing again – I would say I partly achieved this last year but now I realize I’m doing it because of underlying stressors. So I need to let go and let God and stop biting my nails!

5) speaking of God…get back to church on a regular basis is another resolution. It has been something we have struggled with and it sucks! Sophia
will be starting CCD in the fall and she is so good at home about praying that I need to model this better by going to church every Sunday.

6) speaking of being a positive role model for my kiddos…I still have to watch my mouth better and manage my stress and anger. I need to utilize what I learned in all of those classes last year and even continue to take online courses and other classes ACS has to offer to help me out. It’s also a reason why I’m joining the Y.

7) be an advocate for my kiddos. I’ll dive into this more later but the second half of 2012 was tough with all that’s going on with Tedy that I need to work harder with the kids at home. I need to keep pushing so they get the best care and that people understand that Tedy is a special child in a loving way.

8) drop the phone drop the TV & do more non-technology ish things like: read, paint, play etc…

9) ok so I’m going to be 30 in 2013 and it’s a huge milestone for me so I need to celebrate it and celebrate my accomplishments instead of dwelling on my failures. What I mean is I hate Sallie Mae and every month I have to pay my VDS student loan; I stress out and freak out because I didn’t get my MTS. I need to remember that I got something better, my MRS and that my hubby supports me and that we will get through this. Thankfully it’s our only real debt and we will positively focus on paying it off.

10) Speaking of money stress, I will not let money stress me out anymore. I will stick to our budgeting and do a better job at planning and saving. We own a house so please pray that we get new renters when the current renters contract expires in May or that the house sells on the up side. I am so torn…part of me loves that house and hopes to be in it again one day yet the other part of me would love to be done with it.

11) One thing I loved at our house in VA was my garden. This year I’m going to attempt gardening here again.

12) Last but not least speaking of food. I need to do a better job of sticking to a good “diet” Tedy and I have eosinophilia and it sucks! I’ll probably blog more about this later. It’s been fairly easy for me to handle but has been tough with Tedy. Pray that I can figure it out and get us all on a good “diet”

13) Last but not least…Better posture – stand up straight stand tall stand proud!

There we go 13 thing for 2013 to work on. I’d love to add putting the laundry away after its washed and same with the dishes but as troy would say that simply doesn’t fit the Liz DeLise motto of “be realistic” anyway, I need your prayers though to make it through. Good luck with your goals this new year I’ll be praying for you too! We can do this!


2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013

  1. Oh Parris Island. How I miss PI and Beaufort all together. I know it’s the farthest of the 3 but I vote the Parris Island tri. Having a former Drill Instrictor at PI definitely gives me a biased vote but I still want to give my two cents. LOL!

    I LOVE your 30 pushups before your 30! I will be 30 in 2013 too. I should try for this. 😉

    If you find a good church in the area, I’d love to hear about it. We had a fabulous one when we lived in Beaufort but when we moved here, we didn’t even know where to start looking, and we really need to get back to going.

    Sallie Mae is NOT my friend either. I live for the day when I can cut her out of my life completely (but seeing as I know have a husband in school, it may be while. lol).

    I wish I could grow a garden, but I know nothing about gardening. It’s sad really

    On a serious note, these are fabulous goals! I think they are very reasonable. Good luck with them all and keep us updated on them!

    • Thanks! 🙂
      Woo Hoo for 1983 babies 😉
      You can totally grow a garden! I typically have a black thumb but things like tomatoes, cucumbers & zucchini grow like weeds! If you are in Pinterest there are lots of great box gardening tips. I typically box garden because then I don’t have to worry so much about weeds. Good luck with the adventures that 2013 brings you!

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