“…Friday’s Child is Loving & Giving…”

I have always been a fan of the old poem Monday’s child…
I’ve found it to be true so far with my kiddos. Sophia is a Wednesday’s child and by golly from day 1 that girl was “full of woe”; she needed some intervention during delivery because suddenly her heart rate dropped and they thought her umbilical chord was wrapped around her neck; nope baby girl had her hand in her face in dramatic fashion! Since day 1 she has been miss drama queen!
Then there’s Tedy, the baby that decided to arrive a couple of weeks early on a snowy Friday morning. If you knew me while I was pregnant with Tedy you would remember the day early on in pregnancy where I was taken to the hospital (literally across the parking lot from where I worked) because I was in a freak chemical accident. It’s how most of my co-workers found out I was pregnant. Wow, what a way to find out your boss or co-worker is pregnant! Haha. Looking back now I laugh but at the time man life sucked! I didn’t have a rough pregnancy with Tedy, I had a rough everything else in life! Troy lost his job and mine was becoming miserable and like the chemical accident that day it was becoming toxic to my life! Fast forward to the day before he was born…there was a ton of chaos at work as I was on two cell phones and apparently in labor. Thanks to my amazing friend Beth (she told me I was in labor – she’s had 6 kids, she recognizes the subtle signs) she met us at the hospital to take Sophia since my sis had torn her mcl snowboarding and couldn’t come down right away and my friend Erin was on vacation. Tedy was born the next morning and he has been throwing chaos into my life ever since. He has challenged me in ways I never thought possible. I can’t believe three years have gone by! Yet the chaos makes me realize how much my heart has grown! He’s so loving and even though there are days when I have no clue how to communicate with him he is still extremely loving and giving. He loves his sisters so much and is an amazing big brother. I think all of the love he has is why he confuses doctors into saying things like “He’s not your typical autistic kid” (I still don’t know what that’s supposed to mean). He’s taught me that it doesn’t matter how many curve balls life throws at me, we will always make it through because of love.
Happy Birthday Dude!



2 thoughts on ““…Friday’s Child is Loving & Giving…”

  1. Christine says:

    Happy Birthday, Tedy! (oops, I’m most likely the who “spilled the beans” but only because I was worried about you and Tedy)

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