Alive In Savannah

I wish I had video taped all of the past week, especially New Years Eve, because I’m not sure words can fully express how awesome it was! It’s been an amazing 2012-2013 transition and it all started with Alive In Savannah which was in a word, AWESOME!!! It was the perfect way to cap off 2012; the entire family had a blast!

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Alive In Savannah started on Saturday, December 29, 2012 with the PB&J relay. We were signed up for the 4 x whatever and originally the adults were going to run well it turned into an opportunity for the kiddos to run. The great thing about this event was your entry fee was simply a jar of peanut butter & a jar of jelly – it went to a local food pantry. Though it was chilly and windy I am so proud of how my Lil dude Tedy did! He ended up “running” 800M. After the “race” Troy was talking with Dan, the event director and Dan invited him over to participate in the fitness challenge. So Troy just took a leap of faith and jumped on in! As the kids played on the inflatables Troy worked his way through the course. I could tell by the look on his face that he was actually enjoying himself and also making new friends.
One of my favorite things about Alive In Savannah was that even though there were “competitions” there was such camaraderie. When we returned on New Years Eve for the main events I realized we had stumbled upon something very special. We are apart of the most supportive running community I’ve ever seen! It made me realize how many new friends I’ve made this past year through this community! It made me realize that we really aren’t competitors but we support each other and push each other to reach new goals!
Anyway, that afternoon Troy participated in the final round of the fitness competition and again he had a blast. Sophia especially had fun on all of the inflatable and I was impressed that she even went on the mini zip line. After the fitness competition portion I checked Sophia into the childcare area. Wow a childcare area – seriously how many race events do you know of that have a safe and fun area for this kids while you run? Then Troy too over the jog stroller loaded with Tedy & Cecilia and we headed to the 5k/ 10k race start. Troy and I were signed up for the 10k. As we waited I looked over the crowd and couldn’t believe how many people were there that I knew, that I am now friends with!!! Dan read the FCA competitors creed and gave a benediction then the national anthem was sung, Steve explained the race course and we were off!
I loved the varied terrain and scenery. It was like no other race. It winded through the golf course on Hutchison Island and what was even more special was that it went through the Festival of Lights. It was also breathtaking to watch the sunset over the talmudge bridge. I loved that throughout the whole course you could hear the band playing and the cheers of the folks that were finishing the 5K. Just before the halfway point I met up with Sandra (owner of Georgia Game Changers) and that was a gift from God for both of us. I had my flashlight and she helped coach me through the second loop. It was dark but gorgeous and we truly praised the wonders of our Lord during that second loop. Not gonna lie my right knee was hurting and I wanted to let up but Sandra helped me through and it was amazing! Like I said – a gift from God! We finished under an hour which was great my time was 57:51 which considering I haven’t posted that many sub hour 10Ks I am happy to know that even when I’m feeling kinda crummy not only do I have some awesome support in the running community but I can still run faster than ever before! At the finish I met up with some of my Liberty Run Group friends and we went over to the stage for awards – many of them would be taking home some awards. Just before awards started I saw Troy coming through the finish with the double jog stroller – wow he’s some kind of amazing – participating in a fitness challenge and running a 10K pushing a double jog stroller – I truly am “the luckiest”. During the awards it was great to congratulate all of my friends I knew almost every name called from either Liberty Run Group or FCA and even our local weather lady Kris Allred took home a 5K age group award.
After the awards ceremony I picked up Sophia from childcare – she of course had a blast! Then we went back to the inflatable so she could play until it was time for them to come down. Well the party wasn’t over. We stood by the fire, we watched an animal show with the monkey that starred in Ace Ventura and Friends (Sophia has since been teaching me the difference between primates, apes & monkeys). We listened to the bands play and watched the fireworks – what a fun filled night! I highly suggest if you’re in Savannah for New Years Eve 2013. Come on out with your whole family to Alive In Savannah!


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