2012 Year In Review

Well tomorrow is New Years Eve and a year ago I wallowed and whined and complained about how terrible the year had been! This year I am happy to say I have done a good job with my 2012 New Years Resolutions! I’ll admit that I have had some slip ups here and there – especially when it comes to negativity and saying “no” / over committing myself. Yet in comparison to how I started out the year I am in a much better spot.
So let’s look back at 2012…
The first half of the year was very focused on riding myself of my negative world view. I took many classes through ACS such as: stress & anger management, scream free parenting and my most favorite class, resiliency training. I still need work and the classes weren’t magic fixes but they have helped me to pause and reflect and find the true reasons for what triggers my anger and what triggers my negative thinking. I was so honored to be one of the speakers at my resiliency training graduation! Yes I’ve even framed my certificate of achievement & graduation picture with Col Hort & CSM Pegues. Also in the frame with the pic is my 4-3 BSTB ornament. I am super picky about the ornaments that go on my Xmas tree but I wanted to proudly display our Battalion crest in our house so I put it with that picture because I know that my resiliency training will help me be a good FRG leader for our Company through this deployment.
I was pregnant with Cecilia when I took all of those classes. I was also pregnant when I took Breastfeeding Peer Counselor training. That training was the week before I was due and I am thankful that my Dad came down to watch Sophia & Tedy while I attended class. He also let me drive his mustang to class. Sadly though Ceci’s due date came and went and Dad had to head back home. Thankfully my mother-in-law Laura came into town (if you’ve read my birth experience blog post then you’d know that Troy was TDY and not able to be here for Ceci’s birth). Anyway I’ve already written all about that and again huge thanks to Carlos for getting me to the hospital pretty much just in time to have Ceci (if we have another child the joke is that I’ll have a home birth). Also huge thanks to Lisa for attempting to make it to “coach” me through. Oh and of course to Caroline for bringing me a dozen donuts; at first I called her crazy for doing so but then I was thankful because the hospital food was terrible! With the birth of Ceci and thanks to my friend Amy I switched to cloth diapering (truly I wish I did this five years ago when I had Sophia). Huge thanks to my amazing mother because when she visited she would change and clean Tedy’s poopy diapers. After she left I quickly bought a diaper sprayer!
Rewinding a bit more…I ran throughout my entire pregnancy with Cecilia! I completed the Tybee Run Fest over half way through my pregnancy. It was 5 events totaling 26.2 miles and it was a blast because I got to have some girl time with Lisa. The week after Ceci was born I couldn’t wait and started running again. Then Georgia Game Changers opened up in Richmond Hill and Sandra has helped me improve my running a ton! I also joined FCA endurance team and MRTT (moms run this town). I have met so many amazing people that share my new found love for running. At the Daniel Defense Pooler 5K I ran with my other friend Amy and ran a PR. When we ran a 5K together again I PRd again and I placed 1st in my age group – it was amazing! Ceci was only 3 months old and here I was running the fastest I’ve ever run! In October I also PRd in a 10K and took 2nd place in my age group. I’ve also ran a 5K bRUNch with my Dad and got to meet Bart Yasso (btw his book is amazing – I highly recommend it). Then I ran my second Marine Corps Marathon (sadly due to injury
my sis wasn’t able to run with me so we are planning on doing the MCM in 2013). On New Years Eve I’m capping off my year with a 10K – when I do a post about my 2013 New Years Resolution I’ll go into more detail about all the fun events I have planned!
Ok so back to that 10K that I PRd and got 2nd place in my age group…that was all for my son, all for Tedy because it was a run for Autism awareness. The hardest thing I’ve had to deal with in 2012 wasn’t having a baby without my husband there, it’s EVERYTHING going on with Tedy. We are still in the process for Autism testing, it is the most frustrating process in the entire world! Too often this year I’ve received the oh you’re crazy mom look or the what in the world is wrong with your son look…all I can say is that I’m thankful that he is now in speech therapy, occupational therapy & physical therapy. Sophia is going to school during the day because all of the therapy was taking a toll on homeschooling. I’m also thankful that I have amazing children – they all truly love each other and Sophia has been such a good big sister – it’s been a tough year for her because of the new baby and Tedy’s therapy and because Daddy is in the Army he’s gone a lot…she’s been handling it all so well and I am so proud of her!
Looking back at 2012 it was a good year. Of course it had its challenges but we happily made it through. Here’s to another amazing year…cheers to 2013!


2 thoughts on “2012 Year In Review

  1. You are a good mother and loooking to do the
    right thinks for your family Sophia Tedy and Ceci are blessed to have you for a mom. God Bless you and troy and your family Love you God Bless you

  2. Just catching up on my reading tonight. At 12:30 am. Haha. I am so glad that we got to do Tybee together. I figured if this crazy pregnant lady next to me could do it so could I. It was an experience of a lifetime for me. that day I realized I could do a 1/2 or a full marathon if I put my mind to it. Thanks for pushing me to get better at running, being a leader in MOPS and to just be a more well-rounded person.

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