The Road to 30 – Part 1: “New Years Resolutions”

It’s official folks, I’m not 29 and have started down that symbolic road to the next milestone birthday of 30! Yet instead of getting all bummer about it I’ve decided to take a fun approach to it. Yesterday was very symbolic to me; I gave a speech at the Resiliency Training Graduation at Fort Stewart about how far I’ve come in 2012 and how I’ve been sticking to my New Years Resolutions. Well you know me and in my mind everyday is a “new year” today doubly so for me since I’m now another year older! Yesterday I also went for a run. Initially I set out from Troys work and was going to run the 3 mile route home; then I decided nah I’ll take the 5 mile route home; it ended up being a 7.25 mile run that would’ve been longer had my feet not been squishy from the rain. Typically I use “it’s raining” as an excuse to not run but yesterday that rain felt refreshing and I felt amazing and it helped my reflect on my last run as a 28 year old, my last run before my new year!
So here’s the plan…
I resolve to:
1) start every day with a tall glass of ice water (I know it seems silly and simple but honestly I am terrible about drinking just plain water and usually reach for then coffee instead)
2) continue cutting back on the crap (I have a wacky, rare, docs really don’t know what to do with me autoimmune/ gastrointestinal disease. There are many things that potentially factor into it flaring up and food is a huge component. I need to be more mindful of what I eat and more importantly where I eat)
3) continue participating in races at least one per season and get rid of that negative voice in my head that slows me down. (I’ve recently won my age group in a 5K and came in 2nd in my age group for a 10K. Both races I had personal best times yet both races I still fought that demon in my mind that says “you’re not fast, you don’t deserve to be doing this…”)
4) work on my weakest character strength of perseverance. (that goes along with the little demon voice stuck in my head)
5) ENJOY LIFE! (this one is huge and includes many things, especially when dealing with relationships. I really need to be sure to focus on the positives of a situation over the negatives)

I’m sure I’ll be blogging more about my road to 30 as I head down this crazy fun path of life! 😉

Enjoying a refreshing Birthday glass of ice water first thing in the morning. Using Disney as inspiration – today is going to be a magical day!


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