I don’t like smoothies…

A few weeks ago after a nice 5 mile run with some friends we were discussing what we should do for a healthy snack at our MOPS meeting. We started talking about “clean” plant based “diets” and it led us to decide that smoothies would be the perfect healthy snack for a group of moms. Honestly when they were talking about spinach smoothies I was thinking ugh that sounds disgusting, I don’t like smoothies. Seriously, I don’t like smoothies! In the past I made many attempts at liking smoothies and tried a bunch of different recipes but for some reason I just didn’t like them! I wasn’t able to attend that MOPS meeting since Tedy had a doctors appointment and I wasn’t too upset that I didn’t get to test that nasty smoothie. Yet the more and more that Lisa and I talked the more and more I realized that ok, this MOPS season is all about taking the “Plunge” so maybe I should plunge into testing out this smoothie. We planned to attend a play date later that week and instead of going to the Starbucks across the parking lot I requested that she bring me a smoothie. When she showed up with the smoothie I thought what is this green crap she’s trying to give me? It looks even more disgusting than it sounded! After the first sip I was undecided. Then I let go and next thing you know the whole smoothie was gone. We were sitting on the bench with my other friend, Caroline, and she asked where her smoothie was. I was like well I don’t like smoothies and of course that led to a typical “What? You don’t like smoothies? That’s un-American!” (I’ve realized a lot lately that I’m continually “un-American” I guess it means against the norm or “hippie” as my friends call it…though sometimes I don’t feel “hippie” enough or un-American. I guess that’s a blog post for another day though). Anyways, over the next couple of days I gathered everything I needed to make the smoothie and texted Lisa asking how to make it. Now honestly, I’m addicted love smoothies (well this one at least I probably still don’t like some of the others) and have found that this recipe can be slightly altered to vary it and make for a super yummy & energizing snack! I will warn you though, it has the ability to regulate your tummy! So for some it’ll “clean you out” or if you already have a messed up gullet like me, it’ll help make it somewhat normal. ENJOY!


You can do this either in a full size blender for a large amount of smoothie or in an individual blender (I’ve become so addicted to smoothies I bought the individual blender & it’s great).

What you’ll need:
* Spinach (this is the main ingredient and will take up the most amount of space in the blender)
* Juice (you can mix this up depending on your mood. You can even use iced green tea for an extra “kick”)
* frozen fruit (again mix this up depending on your mood or simply on what’s in your freezer)
* yogurt (this is optional and I’ve been using vanilla yogurt since it’s what I had on hand)
* milk (optional though honestly I’ve now completely eliminated this but might add it back in once I get more coconut milk)
* local honey (optional as well the key is to buy local honey! Local honey is very good to consume about a tablespoon of daily to help with allergies)
* ice

In your blender…
-add fresh spinach (again this is your main ingredient so it’ll take up the most room).
– add frozen fruit (about a handful will do, play around with it a bit and find what you like)
– add juice (careful with this step as to not have your blender overflow the juice will be about 2/3 the blender)
– add a scoop or so of yogurt (again this is optional so play around with it)
– add a splash of milk (again another optional ingredient and feel free to use coconut milk or soy milk or almond milk or rice milk)
– add about a tablespoon of local honey ( clearly I don’t measure things out I just go by look and then taste and go from there)
– add ice
-cover and blend. If it’s not just right then add what you think is missing or you need more of.


Most importantly – ENJOY!!!





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