Fast Food Fool

As the dogs break into the bag of leftover food from sonic I realize that I’ve finally come full circle and that the doggie bag of fast food is truly just that…crap I shouldn’t be eating! I admitted in my these are my confessions blog posts that I struggle with food and this is one of the big struggles! As I sit here typing this on my iPhone (thank you technology) as I nurse my baby girl I become even more set in my mind with my decision…happy fall folks!
Dear Fast Food,
I have given you up many times in the past and am giving you up again! Today is the first day of fall and after a super crappy lunch I am letting you go! I’m turning a new leaf! I bid you farewell as we enter into this new season! No longer will you be allowed to poison my body, I’ve known better but have let the demon on my shoulder speak up too much lately and lazy me has given into you; I’m flicking you off my shoulder – peace out! You’re too easy and too cheap yet I pay a price all too often so I say good bye – I doubt I’ll miss you that much!


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