Pop, Coke, Soda, Tonic…whatever you call it I call it BAD FOR YOU!!! I have proudly been soda free for over two years now. If you’ve read some of my old blog posts you know that it was a struggle at first. I decided to write about it again because of the “war on soda” report on NBC nightly news this evening. I completely agree with what NYC Mayor Bloomberg is doing concerning limiting the portion size of soda. Anyways, whenever I hear of a person struggling to loose weight the first thing I ask them is: do you drink soda? When they say yes and I challenge them to give it up we have the typical exchanges of oh well I drink diet (even worse) or I know it’s bad for me but… Ok well sorry folks stop the excuses and try the challenge. It’s not going to be easy, I know I fought the little demon on my shoulder, but trust me significantly cutting back or better yet completely eliminating soda from your “diet” will improve your health and help you loose weight!! Also think twice about giving your children soda! I am so proud of Sophia every time she takes a sip of her Daddy’s Dr Pepper and tells him “ugh daddy that’s disgusting!” see we aren’t all soda free in my house not going to lie it’s in our fridge (I didn’t buy it though) and I’m sure if our buddy Carlos reads this he will say “it’s un-American” to not drink soda. Yet as usual I don’t care of it’s “un-American” after researching soda a bit more and personally experiencing the withdrawals and then amazing benefits (quick weight loss) I have no desire to ever drink soda again!


One thought on “SODA FREE

  1. Amy says:

    I’ve been pop free since the 4th of July! So proud of myself! I haven’t researched much on Bloomberg’s ban, but isn’t it just sugar sweetened drinks? Meaning if it’s diet, it would still be ok to get a huge chemical filled drink? BTW, meeting more and more people who have given up pop, but that just might be the people I’m hanging around. 🙂

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