Georgia Game Changers


“Be the change you wish to see in the world!” – Ghandi

This quote has been very close to my heart since my Regiville Field Hockey days. It has been in the back of my mind and a constant inspiration for when I set out to accomplish something. This quote is also on the front door of a new running store in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

I first heard about the new store from Ultra marathoner – Taryn – she organized for a large group to carpool up to Richmond Hill and attend a Natural Running Clinic. I was not able to attend due to other commitments but I saw all the pictures on Facebook and was intrigued. Then I started seeing posts from other running buddies about how comfortable they were feeling while running and I thought ok I need to get up there and check it out for myself.
I “liked” the Georgia Game Changers page on Facebook and saw that they were going to be holding a Natural Running Clinic on a Saturday. I told my friend Caroline, who doesn’t like to run, that we were going!
I went to the clinic that day with no expectations. I came out of the clinic a new runner! I’ve been running for years now – I even did track in Jr High & High School (I honestly wasn’t any good then – actually I was good at coming in last place). Believe it or not, it wasn’t until after I had Tedy that I really started getting into this whole running thing! Anyways, because of Sandra’s tips during the clinic, I ran my best 5K at the Pooler, Daniel Defense 5K. Thank you Sandra for teaching me what to do with my arms! Knowing what to do with my arms was one of my top struggles (the demons in my head telling me to stop us my biggest struggle).
Since attending the clinic I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know! My friend Lisa attended last week and I wanted her to go so badly that I watched her kids for her. She was the only one there but Sandra was do personable with her and even let her borrow a pair of shoes to test out. Lisa now feels better about her running and is looking forward to going back to get some new kicks! Lisa also talked to Sandra about leading a meeting for our MOPS group and I’m really looking forward to that! This week I sent my dad to the clinic. Again he was the only one, I guess some other folks had cancelled, yet Sandra genuinely wants to share her love of running with others so she happily worked with him. My dad hasn’t ran since he retired from the Army over 20 years ago! When I was in the store getting fitted for Newtons (I will have to blog more about that soon) I warned her that the man didn’t have a thing and was starting from scratch! My dad came back from the clinic with a pair of shoes and a hydration belt and excited for our upcoming MCM (Marine Corps Marathon) bRUNch 5K at the end of October in DC!

If you’re a beginner or curious about running go check out Georgia Game Changers and take one of the Natural Running Clinics! If you’re a seasoned runner go check out Georgia Game Changers and take one of the Natural Running Clinics! The great thing about Georgia Game Changers is that it truly is for all sorts of runners! For those of you that give the old “oh well I’m not a runner…” excuse just let go of that demon in your head! It doesn’t matter how fast you go what matters is that you get out there! Taking that first step is truly the hardest (many days it still is for me) but once you do you are a runner! So please go support Sandra & Ron during their Grand Opening September 20th-22nd! Go embrace it & BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!!!


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