Green Mama – Part 2: The switch to cloth diapers

When we found out we were pregnant with Sophia cloth diapering never crossed our minds!
Poor Sophia would get the nastiest diaper rashes. So badly that it would crack and bleed. Pampers swaddlers & 7th generation unbleached diapers were the only things we could use on her but she would keep getting a rash. Her teacher at the child development center recommended we use cloth wipes with her to help out. Anyways it helped some but until she was potty trained we battled severe diaper rash! Side Note: she has eczema.
With Tedy he could only wear pampers diapers but also would get nasty diaper rash. Another side note: he also has eczema.
When pregnant with Ceci the question of diapering came up at my baby shower. At the time I said I would only put her in pampers because of how sensitive my kiddos skin is and I assumed that she’d have sensitive skin as well.
Then I kept noticing all of these cute bums. So one day I said to another mom I go to MOPS with that I loved her daughter outfit and that her butt looked so cute! She happily said thanks, it’s actually her diaper! I am so thankful for Amy and all of the other cloth loving mama’s because they were so sweet about helping me with the switch to cloth.
Anyways, Amy told me all about the Real Cloth Diaper Association and how there’s a local chapter she’s involved in. I told her my past horrors with diapering and She also told me about an amazing program they have called Cloth For EveryBum – it included a Cloth 101 class and a started kit complete with 10-12 various styles of diapers as well as some cloth friendly diaper cremes and soaps. Since curiosity got the better of this cat I signed up for the class and learned so much!

What I learned in the class made it finally click with me! It was still a few more weeks until I put Tedy into a cloth trainer but now I absolutely love cloth and will be posting more about it!
Note: I’m assuming you already read part 1 and all of my confessions.
Well Ceci is almost 3 months old now and has been in cloth since she was a week old! Honestly if we ever have another baby he/she will be in cloth from day 1!
Oh and remember how I assumed Ceci would have sensitive skin as well…I was right, she has eczema too! My dad is visiting and he noticed that she doesn’t have diaper rash – woohoo for cloth!
So if you’re battling diaper rash consider switching to cloth and if you have question I’m your girl and will happily help you out!


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