My two cents: Part 4 – Baby Weight

For all Mama’s the subject of baby weight is a controversial hot button frustrating topic!
Before I found out I was pregnant with Sophia I was trying to lose 20 pounds do when I stepped on the scale the day she was due I was crying at the number. There was a sign above the scale that was supposed to be motivating and make you not feel so bad because you were carrying an amazing miracle in your body but still no words could make me feel better about that number! With Sophia I swam throughout my entire pregnancy! The week before she was born I kicked Troys butt at a one hour swim challenge as well! After she was born I walked all over Nashville to start shedding that baby weight because I had to fit into my wedding gown not even 3 months later! I was thankful that I worked for the Y so I had a free gym membership and worked out every chance I got. Just a few weeks before the wedding I had my final dress fitting and it was a little too tight. The lady looked at my baby and looked at me and told me I was never going to fit into my wedding dress! Luckily I had my strong willed mom with me to tell her to just take it out and my amazing sister to say not to worry that we could go out and buy some spanx. Yet her comments still made me feel crummy and to top it off I landed in the hospital that night and that was the start of my long week at Newton-Wellesley hospital, yet that’s not really a story for this post. Anyways, my dress ended up being a Lil too big after that. Yet I noticed that my body was just not the same, even though the weight was gone I still wasn’t satisfied! Before I got pregnant with Tedy I finally lost those 20 lbs had been trying to lose before Sophia. Actually, by focusing on a healthy lifestyle and “diet” (ugh I hate that word) I was 30 lbs lighter than when pregnant with Sophia. It made me feel good to know that when I saw the scale with Tedy my ending weight was the same as my starting weight with Sophia, those were numbers I could live with. When pregnant with Tedy I did Zumba and spent a ton of time in the pool teaching. During this crazy hormonal time I decided it would be “fun” to run my first marathon and signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon. Yet I was snowed in after he was born so I didn’t get to go run much. I took up yoga and an extremely vegetable friendly “diet”. Also because I was breastfeeding the weight came off a few months later. Yet again I noticed that my body was still not the same and again I just wasn’t satisfied! Now with Ceci I ran throughout my entire pregnancy and started running again just a weekish after she was born. Although I was a little bit heavier than my starting weight with Tedy I didn’t gain as much. Anyways, Ceci is now 2 months old and I am 5 lbs under my prepreggers weight and guess what, I STILL DON’T FIT INTO MY PANTS!!! This is the most frustrating thing! What’s a Mama to do?!?
Dear Mama’s all over the world that are frustrated by this baby weight crap – myself included – stop being so frustrated! Start being happy! In my opinion the key to it all is to lead a healthy lifestyle! When you’re pregnant don’t use it as an excuse to eat like crap or not be active (unless you have bed rest orders that’s a different situation). After your baby is born let go of the excuses that you can’t do anything because you have kids, etc! Do what you can when you can where you can and be proud of your accomplishments! Oh and don’t get frustrated (this one is myself telling myself this because I know it’s true even though it’s what I struggle with most) your body is never going to be the same! Your amazing baby changed your body in amazing ways so don’t let those numbers get you down! Don’t let those prepreggers clothes get you down! That was before this amazing child entered your life! My feet have gone up and increased by a half size with each kiddo and I can happily embrace those big feet so I need to happily embrace my new body as a whole! Oh and by the way, that piece of chocolate you had is ok – it’s ok to indulge now and then, don’t make yourself go nutty by embracing an unrealistic diet! With each child you have your life changes so just go towards a happy, healthy life and you’ll be golden! Good Luck Mama’s & keep up the good work!


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