Most of you know that part of my New Years Resolution for 2012 was to take advantage of the amazing courses I have available to me here at Fort Stewart through ACS so to improve my health and well-being and rid my life of negativity. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each course and am in the middle of the most life changing one yet – Resiliency Training!

So how are you guys doing with your New Years Resolutions? It’s ok if what you said on December 31, 2011 or January 1, 2012 has slipped through the cracks because truly every day is a gift of a new day and a new year!

One of my favorite parts of Resiliency Training has been to Hunt the Good Stuff! I challenge you to Hunt the Good Stuff with me:

  • Get a Journal – it doesn’t have to be fancy, use whatever resources you have and prefer. I have a small 80 sheet notebook that I purchased a long time ago at the International Greeting Paper Factory Outlet Store – I think it was a dollar.
  • Every night, write down at least one (the goal is to reach up to three) positive experiences from the day. They can be small or large, things you brought on, that you witnessed in others, or in nature. Next to each positive event that you list, write a reflection (at least one sentence) on any of the topics below:
  1. Why this good thing happened.
  2. What this good thing means to you.
  3. What you can do tomorrow to enable more of this good thing.
  4. What ways you or others contribute to this good thing.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing this exercise every day because we do tend to have a negative bias on what occurs in our day. It’s so easy to complain about something and it can be difficult to just say that something was good and leave it at that! I’ll give you an example: going out to dinner. Troy used to say that he hated taking me out to dinner because I’m so picky and complain. I do admit that I have high standards when going out to dinner, especially if it’s supposed to be a nice date restaurant type of place. I’ll admit that in the past I would easily call over managers and complain if things didn’t go my way. Yet when the meal was good, did I ever call over a manager and say thank you? I cannot remember a time I did – until last Saturday. Last Saturday Troy and I went out to celebrate our Anniversary. I had seen a new Italian Restaurant when driving down Oglethorpe Hwy in Hinesville. We have been trying like crazy to find a good Italian restaurant in the area and haven’t been successful (Tangredi’s in Nashville, TN as well as Francesco’s in Williamsburg, VA spoiled us – especially Francesco’s ps: Jeniffer & Frank we miss you guys and your amazing place note to folks if you ever visit the Burg GO check them out). So I thought heck, let’s give this place a chance. Well, it was AMAZING! The service, the food, the price – I was extremely happy with our dinner. So I thought back to my Resiliency training and said to Troy that I was going to call over the manager. He was a bit taken aback at first (remember I used to complain at the drop of a hat) and then I explained to him what I had learned so far in class. So when the waiter walked by the table I asked him to see the manager – with out any nerves he summoned her over to our table. As she walked over I could tell that she was a little bit nervous with what I might say. I explained to her about my class and our daily assignment to Hunt the Good Stuff. I continued on and told her all about how we’ve tried other local Italian restaurants and haven’t been pleased and how we have friends in Williamsburg who own an amazing place and how eating there tonight made us very happy. I told her that it was just what the local area needed and that from service, to food, the whole package that it was excellent and that we are going to recommend it to people we know. She talked to us a little bit about how they got into the business and why they had a couple different types of sauces, etc. Then as she was walking away the table behind us went on to thank her as well and said we completely agree with all she said. As we were leaving I saw her passing the thanks onto her staff. The whole experience made me feel great about putting my Resiliency Training into action! I’ve held true to my word as well; as I write this, our friends Lisa and Scott are out on a date night.

Again, I challenge you to Hunt the Good Stuff with me – you will be amazed at how much better you feel, especially at the end of the day when you take a moment to reflect on the positive experiences from the day!


2 thoughts on “HUNT THE GOOD STUFF

  1. Lisa Simmington says:

    Thanks for passing the good stuff on to us with a night out and some awesome food. I love that you answered the door with “what are you doing here already?” after having our kids for a few hours. It is good to have friends like you and Troy and it is good that we share so many of the same interests and can have fun as a family to de-stress. Thanks for helping me keep my goals and new years resolutions. With out you and Scott I would have never done that triathlon. Many, many more to come. Thanks for the inspiration!

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