Pinteresting Part 1 – My Journey with projects I found on Pinterest

Ok folks I am starting a new blog series because I have a major issue on hand – Pinterest!  I finally got on board last month and haven’t stopped pinning since!  My dilemma is – what in the world do I do with the pins I’ve already completed?  My solution is this blog.  In this series you will see various completed projects and my review of them.  From recipes to crafts to kids projects to DIYs, etc.  I hope you enjoy it!  

First I’d like to quickly recap some of the simple projects I’ve completed so far.  


  I got the idea from a pin that referred me to:

Cost = $1

I already had plenty of un-used hangers around the house so I picked a sturdy hanger, then went out to Walmart and picked up a pack of Shower Curtain Rings.

When I came home I put the rings onto the hanger, strung my scarves through and viola!  I absolutely LOVED this project!  It was simple, cost-effective and gave me a super handy way to organize our scarves!

Ribbon Organizer:

I got the idea from a pin that referred me to:

Cost = Nothing to me but I’ll let you now where you can find the stuff…

I used to have this plastic drawer system FULL of ribbon!  It was such a pain to keep organized and I rarely used my ribbon because just looking at the mess would get me frustrated!  So when I saw this craft closet project organizer I was psyched because I already had some of those pants hangers lying around.  Honestly, I do not remember where we originally purchased the hanger or how much it costs yet I do know I’ve seen them at: WalmartHomeGoodsTJ MaxxTarget & on  I love how this project helped get me started to organizing my ridiculously messy craft closet!  The only frustrating part was figuring out how to display the ribbon.  I honestly didn’t give it too much thought but did go by spool size.

Wrapping Paper Organizer:

I got the idea from a pin that referred me to:

Cost = Nothing to me…yet you should easily be able to find the supplies at Walmart or Target or the PX, or Dollar Tree, etc…cost is very minimal.

The original post was more elaborate.  I did this with things I already had in my home: craft wire & laundry pins.  I looped some craft wire through the pin & sealed the loop around a bar I have in my craft closet.  My suggestion with this one is to check out the original pin & figure out what works best for your available space.  Also, you can’t see it in this pic but to keep your wrapping paper from unraveling use the tip from the pin that suggested to take an empty toilet paper roll, cut a slit into it and viola – wrapping paper cuff!


I got the idea from a pin that referred me to:

Cost = $5 (included bubbles & container)

This time of year stores like Target and Walmart have devoted the “seasonal” section of the store to items just like this!  So it should be easy to find a beverage dispenser and bubbles are always in the toy aisle if not go get some dish soap & mix it with water to make your own bubbles!  We picked out a plastic container because we want the kids to be able to fully use this on their own.  We have a ton of bubble supplies at home because our kids LOVE bubbles!  The original tip suggested reusing yogurt cups so you can individually dispense bubbles to kids – this would be great at parties/playdates, etc.

The Infamous Missing Sock:

I got the idea from a pin that referred me to: 

Cost = Nothing to me…but you can find buckets at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, etc.  Or reuse something at your house that you already have on hand such as a coffee can, etc.

I can’t stand putting laundry away!  The worst part about it is having to match socks!  I swear it’s a genetic disorder that runs in our family!  Anyways, when I saw this pin I decided to implement it right away and grabbed one of our many sand buckets, took a sharpie, wrote “socks” on the bucket and hung the bucket above the dryer.  Now when I’m going through the laundry if I have just one sock I put it into the bucket.  Once the bucket is full, I go through and make some matches and put the individual socks back in.  This has helped me a ton with this chore that I cannot stand!

Well, I hope you enjoy making these Pinteresting projects your own!  My biggest tip to folks is that when you see a project/idea – MAKE IT YOUR OWN!  Improvise, use what you have around your house, get creative, have fun!  


One thought on “Pinteresting Part 1 – My Journey with projects I found on Pinterest

  1. Very good idea But do you think the sock and putting laundry runs on my side of the family my mom always put the wash away and matched the sock… I can say I am not a big fan of putting clothes I do not mind washing them drying them or folding them but the putting away…

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