Lent 2012 (part 2) OK GOD – I HEAR YOU!

God has been speaking to me at every single Mass, Stations of the Cross, etc this Lenten season!  I’m guessing that He’s always been telling me these things but that I’ve been too closed off to truly listen.  Yet now I’m starting to get the hint!  Yet let me tell you, following through is tough!  There are some people who simply do not understand what it is I am trying to do with my life right now and that’s fine, what bothers me is when they do not respect it.

Here’s a quick update: we’ve been good about going to Mass as a family on Sunday’s and the kiddos were on excellent behavior this past Sunday.  Sophia is starting to inquire a bit more about what goes on during Mass and that makes me very happy – I can truly see God moving in her.  The kiddos and I also made it to Daily Mass last week and it was a little bit tough because Mommy wasn’t fully prepared to be in such a tiny space – now I know and knowing is half the battle right?  Though I really hope that attendance at Daily Mass will significantly increase so we can move from the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and into the Main Sanctuary at the Main Post Chapel.  We didn’t make it to Stations of the Cross this past Friday due to previous commitments for that night.  Yet we plan on being there this Friday – actually, MCCW (Military Council of Catholic Women) will be hosting it and doing the Stations of the Cross from Mary’s perspective so it should be interesting and a different spin on the tradition.

Ok now for my giving ups…I’ve had to add another one.  I know that this will post to Facebook so hey folks, get over it, some things are simply linked to Facebook and just automatically post so I’m not really getting on but yet there is still activity on my timeline.  Anyways, I gave up Facebook for the rest of Lent.  I was having too many issues with “drama” and “de-friending” etc that Troy simply said to me – “Just give it up!”  He suggested giving up Facebook for the rest of Lent.  Actually, he thinks we should completely deactivate our accounts yet I just can’t do it because we have had our accounts since Facebook started!  Yet hopefully after this Lent people will have realized that yes, I am making changes and sorry but some of my “friends” simply aren’t part of those changes for various reasons.  I will say that Fr. Udhe gave an excellent portion of his Homily on this topic this past Sunday.  Again, I can’t do Homilies justice, you simply have to have been there so you could hear for yourself what it was he was saying yet to quickly sum it up, he was talking about the type of people who insert drama into everything!  It has something that I have noticed more of the older I get, especially in the military community.  Don’t get me wrong, it occurs everywhere but since I’ve been at Fort Stewart I’ve been bombarded with negativity and folks that like to twist and turn simple stuff into huge dramatic events and honestly I’m just sick of it and do not want to be a part of it!  So to take from another Homily (given on Thursday during daily Mass) I can’t change others but I can change the person in the mirror – ME!


One thought on “Lent 2012 (part 2) OK GOD – I HEAR YOU!

  1. Lisa Simmington says:

    You are doing great in all your “will do’s” and “giving up’s”. While I miss your presence on facebook I competely understand and support leaving it behind for the Lent. Thanks for keeping me motivated and out there for races and general fitness. Our family always has fun with your family. I sure am glad we met 🙂

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