New Years Resolution Check In

A week ago we were all finalizing our “New Years Resolutions” so this is a check up to see how you’re all doing and let you know how I’m doing…



  • take the Anger/Stress Management class offered through ACS (Army Community Services) – all signed up and the kiddos have an hourly child care spot, class is on the 24th I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • take the Resiliency Training class offered through ACS – I still need to figure out which one works best for my schedule and complete registration.
  • take the Scream Free Parenting class offered through ACS – all signed up for the February class, it’s going to be a month-long commitment!  Luckily my mom will be visiting so she will have the kiddos for the first couple of classes all that’s left to do is make sure they have an hourly care spot reserved for the other two days (what’s great about this class is that they’ll give me a voucher to help cover the cost of child care).
  • STOP BITING MY NAILS!  This is a nasty habit of mine that I’ve known for the longest time is a horrible habit and I try and try again and again to stop but now I know how much it also annoys my hubby and how much of a bad example it is to my kids and how much it annoys me when I see someone doing it so – I am going to stop this bad behavior!  – doing well so far and my nails are growing nicely, keeping them properly manicured is the toughest part, I may have to take a trip to the Spa soon and get them professionally done (hint to Troy that a gift certificate to do so would make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift).


  • How many of you feel overwhelmed?  I know I am!  It tends to be a common thing that we have difficulty saying “NO!” I’ve seen so many Today show segments, listened to speakers talk about it, etc.  Yet still it’s difficult for us to say “NO!”  You all know what I’m talking about – you say “YES” to this that and the other thing and then next thing you know, you’re overwhelmed, your calendar is jam-packed and worst of all you’re not doing the things that you want to do!  – This week I took a hard look at everything I’m involved in, all the organizations I’m a part of (I hold some sort of leadership role in most of them) as well as the activities I do (running is one of them and I’ll talk about that more later).  The big issue is the organizations I’m involved in.  There are days I don’t go home at all I jump from meeting to meeting, remembering to feed the kids and often neglecting my own nutrition.  Then at the end of the day when Troy and I are sitting at the dinner table all I do is complain about the things that annoyed me.  He has helped me out a ton by being my voice of reason and pointing out issues that I know are there but I just don’t want to admit it.  Therefor, I’m resolving to say NO – if I’m not getting anything but frustration out of something I volunteered for I’m going to recall that I’m a volunteer and that’s not what volunteering is about – I should be doing this because I want to and I enjoy it and can happily tell someone else about it – I shouldn’t be doing something because I feel strangely obligated to do so.  I will finish what I committed to for the remainder of the year – most of what I’m currently involved in runs on a school year calendar so we will be wrapping up in May.  Yet I will not be returning for the next season.  I also will not be trying to squeeze a million things into our schedules anymore – it’s just not fair to anyone in our family to run them ragged all day.  I encourage you to do the same, I know so many of you feel the same way I do.  I’m giving you a glimpse of how I feel but also telling you that it’s something you need to do on your own.  I’ve heard the lectures for years on how to say no but now I know I’m the one who has to step up and say so!


  • Initially I wanted to complete one race per month but then I realized that’s not realistic in many ways.  My new resolution/goal is to complete one per season, capping off the year with a sprint triathlon.  – I’m happy to report that I’m all signed up for the Critz Tybee Run Fest (learn more about it here: I’m signed up for ALL 5 EVENTS!  Luckily I won’t be alone, my running buddy, Lisa (she did the 10K of the Savannah River Bridge Run with me) is signed up as well!

So that’s what I resolved to do for 2012 – how are you doing?  Let me leave you with some “food for thought”

EVERY DAY IS A NEW YEAR!  So if you did not make a resolution or set any goals, do not fear – sit down today and contemplate some things you would like to do – Then if you hit a rough path along your 2012 journey just remind yourself:

EVERYDAY IS A NEW YEAR!  Then get up and try again!



One thought on “New Years Resolution Check In

  1. Lisa says:

    Good for you, Liz! I have been thinking about the same thing recently. Between college, Logan’s school, MOPS, Awana, coaching, and having to go to Scott’s functions it is dizzying sometimes. At least I’ll only have one class through the summer and then finish my senior seminar in september; which will be a huge weight off my shoulders.

    I read something similar in the book Scott got me for Christmas about devoting your life to your children while they are home then moving into a season of giving and volunteering. Of course, the author worked full time as well but there is definitly some logic in that. I think we both have a want and need to participate and help out where ever we can but we need to give ouselves boundaries.

    As for your race goals, I am so glad that I can be, and have been a part of that. You have definitly been a driving force in my new goals for fitness and running. It defintily makes a difference when you have someone to do it with, although you are way better than me 🙂

    Good luck with all of your resolutions and I pray you are successfull in them all.

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