Happy Holidays – a lil late


Welcome 2012 – so glad you’re here, it’s going to be an exciting year!  2011 was one of the most challenging years yet.  We faced many changes and difficult times; I had to constantly remind myself of what I did have and that I need to be grateful for those things instead of dwelling on what was missing.

Though I will probably look back on 2011 being a not so good year, we did do some fun things!  We started off the year by finishing the hardwood flooring in our house in Virginia and putting it on the market.  It sat for a few months and I’m very thankful to Dalby for helping maintain the property while we were gone.  I’m also thankful for Faye for helping us get our home prepped so that it was move in ready.  Like I said, it sat for a few months but luckily we found a renter in May – we were able to keep our home and I am extremely thankful for that!  Who knows, maybe one day we’ll return to the burg!  After almost 9 months of being apart, the kiddos and I were finally reunited with Troy and we joined him down at his first duty station in the Army at Fort Stewart, Georgia.  Though our square footage was cut in half it helped us get rid of some things we really didn’t need and it helped me to appreciate the more meaningful things in life.  After some nasty neighbors and negative experiences in November we were finally able to get our square footage back and then some and now live in a nice town house on post.

Go get a map and find Fort Stewart, Georgia – that’s right, we are a “black-hole” not much around unless you want to travel about 30 miles!  Living here has given me a whole new perspective on traveling!  We like to get out of the “hole” about once a week and we go to Savannah (which is gorgeous) or to Jekyll Island (yes we’ve been going to the beach since March)!  We are also lucky to have Troy’s Aunt Carol & Uncle Rich just a couple of hours away in Jacksonville, Florida – they are kind enough to let us stay with them on long weekends.  We’ve enjoyed the beach down there (though I lost my hand-me-down Maui Jim sunglasses to the ocean Labor Day weekend – that’s what I get for swimming in 7 ft waves during hurricane season though) as well as the Zoo and some side trips to Saint Augustine.  I would have to say that our greatest trip to Florida was a very Magical one!  The week before Christmas we took Sophia & Tedy to Disney World!  We spent five days at the various parks with Grandpa Billiam and Grandma Laura & Grandpa Steve Stemen.  We have thousands of pictures that captured the magic of the trip!  I’m sure Sophia will tell you all about her trip if you ask.

MERRY CHRISTMAS (hey guys guess what, it’s still technically Christmas – remember, Jesus is the reason for the season and the Kings haven’t made it to bring their gifts yet…this season is a huge pet-peeve of mine and I’ve been called a Scrooge but hey, that’s a blog for another day, uummm…maybe when it rolls around again in 2012…someone remind me) we were happy to host some of our Army family (still need to write about that) to a nice Christmas dinner.  That morning we enjoyed watching the kids go through their stockings and opening their gifts (it was the first year that Sophia was actually into Xmas).  It was also very nice to have my Dad (Grandpa Billiam) with us as well – when you live far away from family, it’s nice to be together during the holidays.  The day after Christmas brought a great gift as well – Tedy had surgery (yes surgery can be a gift) and it was very successful!  Since he was an infant he has been battling ear infections and has some other issues and now I’m happy to report that his ears have been drained and he has tubes and now in just a few days we’ve noticed a huge difference in his speech!  We capped off 2011 with a nice New Years Eve as a family – the kiddos stayed up to watch the ball drop and we happily welcomed 2012!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

We created our Holiday card using Shutterfly – love this site, check them out!



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