DIY: Xmas Wreath

I know it’s been a while since my last post – please accept my apologies!  I won’t give you a ton of excuses on why I haven’t been blogging, etc I’ll just get back to it…

Here’s a fun Do It Yourself Christmas Wreath project.  I can’t take full credit for it because the basis for the idea came from Bass Pro Shops 2011 Holiday Fun Guide (pg. 14)

The directions say:

*my tips will be italicized.  

Small Jingle Bell Wreath

Family and guests will delight in the chime of this festive holiday wreath every time you open the door.

You’ll need: 

  • about one hundred mini jingle bells (found at the craft stores) you can also use beads or non-breakable ornaments (I had about 50 small jingle bells and a box of old ornaments that I just didn’t want to use on the tree anymore but didn’t want to throw out either)
  • one wire clothes hanger
  • 6-ft long piece of craft wire (you can typically find this at the dollar store.  Also, depending on how big or small you want to make your wreath you may use more or less craft wire.  Always measure out a bit more just incase – it’s better to have excess than not enough)
  1. Cut the hook off of a wire clothes hanger and use pliers to shape into the circular base for the wreath.  Tape ends together with duct tape.  (I did cut the end of the wire clothes hanger yet forgot to unwind it before shaping it so if I were to do this project again and do the same size wreath well, I wouldn’t bother cutting off the end of the clothes hanger and use it instead to help me hang the wreath.  If you’re making smaller wreaths you could use anything else circular like heavy duty crafting wire, etc)
  2. Wind one end of a 6-ft-long piece of craft wire around the base a few times to secure.  (remember your base is what was the clothes hanger or another circular base you created.  Also, remember that depending on the size of your wreath you may need more or less craft wire)
  3. Thread bell onto the wire, and wind wire around base once to secure.  Repeat until base is covered in bells.  (Make sure you wind the wire in the same direction for the whole wreath.  Also, remember that you can use other things such as the extra touches that are found in step 4)
  4. Add extra touches such as dried berries, evergreen, ornaments, and a ribbon for hanging.  (have fun with this you can make it as simple or elaborate as you’d like)
Hang on your door or give as a gift, etc.  I’m thinking of making small variations of this for ornaments.  This crafty project makes me smile every time I open my front door!  It also reminds me of the saying from It’s a Wonderful Life: “Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.”
Here’s a pic of my final project (note it is technically the back of the wreath the three rectangular pieces are actually picture frame ornaments but I haven’t found pictures that I’d like to put into them yet.

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