July – 7 Day Challenge – who’s with me?

I’ve finally started running again!  The past month I was recovering or as Troy likes to say “on profile” and had to wait until I was medically cleared.  Well I wasn’t officially cleared by the doc but hey, in this case, what were they going to tell me that I didn’t already know?  Anyways, my first run was with my good ol’ training crew: Sophia & Tedy in the behemoth stroller & Toby on leash as well.  The kiddos had a blast but they luckily were protected from the bugs!  Running through the wooded area was fine but the minute we stepped out it was like running in a down pour but it wasn’t raining, there were just that many bugs!  My second run was a solo initial assessment to start training for the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.  I was supposed to complete a 3 miler for this assessment but could not run the entire time – it was later in the evening, almost 8pm and the temperature was still in the 90’s with the heat index making it feel just under 100!  The humidity was also very heavy so I listened to my body and run/walked the 3 miles.  Yet I was happy with my performance – 31:32 = about 10:27/mile pace.  When I looked at the Nike+ pace breakdown, I was happy with what I saw as the time for when I felt comfortable.  When I got home it inspired Troy to go out for an evening run.  My third run was a Father’s Day celebration – our whole family went out and Daddy was kind enough to hook Toby up to the jog stroller and push the stroller as well.  We walked a loop, ran a loop and walked the loop one last time.  The only peculiar thing about this run was the drastic difference between our Nike+’s so we determined that we need to go to the quick track to re-calibrate them.

During our cool down loop this evening, Troy and I were talking about all of the different challenges on the Nike+ site.  He’s in many more than I am, especially one’s where you compete against other groups.  I really don’t feel like virtually competing with anyone, I like to run for fun and don’t really compete when I do participate in a race.  My goal with running is to be a model for my children and for others to show them that you don’t have to be a pro or competitive to be healthy and enjoy running.  So I decided to create a fun challenge of my own.  It was inspired by Ultramarathon Man: Dean Karnazes; anyways, starting on July 1, 2011 I’m going to run 1 mile and then increase my mileage by a mile each day, ie: running mileage that corresponds with the number of the day, ie: July 1 = 1 mile, July 2 = 2 miles, July 3 = 3 miles, July 4 = 4 miles, July 5 = 5 miles, July 6 = 6 miles & July 7 = 7 miles for a total of 28 miles in 1 week!  I hope to build upon this challenge and maybe one day I’ll be able to incorporate it into a whole month!

I hope that you’ll be able to join me in this challenge, please feel free to run it or walk it or run/walk it, whatever, the point it to just have fun! July – 7 Day Challenge link to join me on Dailymile!


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