Learn to Love your Library!

Our library (at Fort Stewart) hosts many events throughout the year for children of all ages!  On Tuesday mornings ladies from the MCEC (Military Child Education Coalition) host story time and activities.  Wednesday afternoons are usually packed with activities including: children reading to NERO the Therapy Dog, story time and a craft related to the story after.  Programs aren’t just for children; the Marne Book Club: open to Soldiers, Civilians, Retirees, and Spouses 18 years and older meets monthly to discuss that month’s book.

Yesterday I took Tedy to the Hays Library for the free developmental screening by EDIS (Education and Development Intervention Services) staff from Winn Army Community Hospital for children from birth – 3 years.  Sophia and Juan Carlos (our friend’s child that I’m minding for the summer) were in tow as well.  The plan was for them to pick out some books and read while Tedy was evaluated.  Yet we walked into something bigger!  The children’s librarian informed us of the summer reading program and encouraged me to sign the kids up for it.  So I signed them up for the 2011 DoD Summer Reading Program: A Midsummer Knight’s Read.  The kids received a bag full of goodies complete with: jester hat, sword, shield, pen, draw string bag (in the shape of a shield), program t-shirt, suggested reading list (based on age group) and book log (to keep track of the books they’ve read).

During the summer, Wednesday afternoon’s programming will transform and be based on the theme, A Midsummer Knight’s Read.  They will even have special guests such as Sean Driscoll, who will present his “Wand of Dreams” program; a fun and educational show!  Since space is limited there are some programs that you have to sign up for ahead of time.  Today we need to stop by the library again to secure our spot for this show.

Be sure to check out your local library – amazing things can happen!  There have been many times when I’ve walked into the library for one thing and walked into an amazing opportunity as well!  Authors often go to libraries for readings and book signings, that’s how I met Peter Reynolds at the Dedham Library.  I will gladly admit that I am a “book junkie” and throughout my life the library has been a popular hang out spot for me.  I hope that my love of the library will be contagious and spread to others because these places offer many things, most of them are free too!  Yet they can’t continue to do it with out you!  So visit your library and visit it often; learn to LOVE your library!


One thought on “Learn to Love your Library!

  1. michelle says:

    i love my library!!! both the one where i work and the public. i love books. support your library and no not support fundign cuts.

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