Goal Setting

I have major issues with goal setting!  In the past whenever New Years rolled around I would make a resolution to do fill in the blank and massively fail at sticking with that goal a few months, well usually a few weeks later.  I also have a similar problem with Lent, if I did stick with something all the way through, Sunday’s wouldn’t count but typically I’d only last about 11 days.  Sometimes I’d try again but most of the time I’d get frustrated and give up!  After reading Bethenny Frankel’s first book Naturally Thin I realized I was going about things the wrong way and in turn continually setting myself up for failure.  Now that I’m reading her latest book, A Place Of Yes, I’ve realized that this is my “noise” and boy is it loud!  In Tracey Bianchi’s book, Green Mama she talks about having “one big thing” to help center your life and not  overwhelm yourself with doing too much.  With all of these tips I decided that every day is really a new year and a new day and a new chance to start again!

Troy and I have been discussing our goals almost daily this past week.  I’ve realized that there are many things that I want to do and accomplish in my life but I cannot do it alone, I need his help to keep me on track and make sure I don’t overwhelm myself.  Of course there are many categories with what the “one big thing” is but Troy has already done a great job at helping to keep me centered.  I tend to have a problem of saying “yes” too much and then overwhelming myself.  So if I say “no” to you do not be upset just know that it may not fit in with my “one big thing” and that I want to make sure I do something great and not a bunch of things just half-heartedly.  In the volunteering category my “one big thing” is: MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) and during the 2011-2012 season I will be serving as the creative activities coordinator.  So even in my “one big thing” I have “one big thing” to focus on.  I chose MOPS to be my “one big thing” because it’s where I felt the most wanted and accepted.  Since we moved to Fort Stewart, Georgia I had made many attempts with many other groups to get involved but I kept getting a cold shoulder and kept being turned away or the schedule that they wanted me to have interfered too much with my family life.  So MOPS seemed to be the perfect fit!  My children are the center of my daily life so if I cannot do something where they cannot be involved then I’d rather not do it!  On a side note, volunteering for and event like the Turtle Crawl Triathlon at Jekyll Island falls under a different category.  Also, each goal has three parts to the timeline: short (less than 3 months), intermediate (3-6 months) and long (6-12 months).  Once I decided that MOPS was going to be my “one big thing” then I set my 3 goals to get there.

  1. Short term = get involved with a local MOPS group near Fort Stewart, Georgia…CHECK – I joined Gum Branch Baptist Church MOPS (side note about MOPS, you don’t have to belong to that church in order to join MOPS!  I’m Catholic and there has never been any pressure to join the church that hosts MOPS.  Yet it is a Christian based group so don’t be scared of God, He has amazing powers, and if you’re having some doubts about checking out a MOPS group, please read my Am I Really THAT Mom blog post about MOPS.)
  2. Intermediate = take on a leadership role with my MOPS group…CHECK – I’m on the Gum Branch MOPS steering committee and will be in charge of Creative Activities for the 2011-2012 season.
  3. Long term = write an article to be published in the MomSense Magazine…this will lead to having another set of goals in order to attain this because I need to pick my “one big thing” to write about and then have a short, intermediate & long goal with writing and editing so that what I turn into the editors is a quality article that they’ll want to publish.
As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have many fears to overcome before I can complete a triathlon.  Troy is an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) personal trainer and I have a few other friends that are also personal trainers that I’ll be turning to for assistance with my “one big thing” for my physical well-being.  These goals look a bit different from my MOPS one and last night I officially set them by creating a bulletin board to keep track of my training.
  1. Short term = 1 minute of push ups.  Tonight Troy will do an initial assessment and count how many push ups I can do in 30 seconds.  From there he’ll create a training plan to help me get better at this.  To you it may not seem like much of a goal but if any of you played sports with me at Regiville you may recall how bad I was at doing push ups!
  2. Intermediate = completing the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon in under 2 hours.  Once I’m medically cleared to run again my initial assessment will be completing a timed 3 mile run.  From there we’ll create a training plan and also incorporate some lifting (Dalby, I’m going to be calling on you for help in this department) because I also have an extreme fear of weight lifting but know that it’s something I need to incorporate into my 1/2 marathon training so I can get stronger!
  3. Long term = completing a triathlon.  Once my bike is fixed my initial assessment will be: 250 meter timed swim, 6 miles timed bike, 1 mile timed run, wet to bike transition & bike to run transition.  There will be another set of sub goals with the triathlon because like I said, I have some fears to overcome.  I’ve already started overcoming my transition fear by volunteering for the Turtle Crawl Triathlon at Jekyll Island so I could see up close what it would look like.  I also need to choose a triathlon to participate in, and since the swim will most likely be open water I need to get over my fear of open water swimming!  Yes me, I have a swimming fears, I know I know, I’ve been told that my swimming fears are like an oxymoron considering my past profession.
So that’s my plan and once I get into the swing of things, I’ll probably start adding more, such as getting published in other magazines and newspapers as well as finishing Troy’s novel and getting that published.  My advice to you with your goal setting is to dream big but break it down so that you can truly achieve that dream!  Also, don’t overwhelm yourself – post your goals around the house and make them known so that folks aren’t offended when you have to say “no” to them.  Finally, make sure you have a support group that will help you to attain these goals; this includes having a work out buddy or some one who’ll trade watching kids so that you can do what you need to, and even people who will be your “cheerleaders” at the event or just in everyday life!  Good Luck!

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