Dishes Dilema

Devotees will recall that I absolutely positively hate doing the dishes!  They are the bane of my existence!  Even before Troy and I got married I told him that me doing the dishes was not in our marital contract.  At the time he was alright with it and said he did the dishes all the time when he was living in off campus housing in college.  Actually at his first apartment in Nashville, there was no dishwasher so he did them there fine as well.  I’ve obviously had to do the dishes in the past because I’ve lived by myself and there have been times when Troy is gone but still, I haven’t ever enjoyed doing the dishes.

Now that we are married for a few years, Troy being the main dish washer has gotten to him and, sorry to call you out hun but, I’ve found that everyday we have dirty dishes in the sink.  We do have a dishwasher appliance but still we were having problems with the dishes.  After flipping out one day about the dishes I finally came up with a solution.  Troy makes fun of me now but hey, it’s helped me out a ton with my dish washing hatred.  It’s something so simple but like I said, it makes a HUGE difference.

A simple little magnet; on one side “clean” on the other “dirty” and when the dishes in the dishwasher are clean/dirty that side of the magnet is up.  I know it’s not much but it has helped me with my hatred for doing the dishes.  More importantly it has helped me to compromise a bit, which is truly the key to marriage, and give Troy somewhat of a break from being the dish washer.


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