Six months ago I decided to stop drinking soda.  The decision came after witnessing many people drinking diet coke like crazy and claiming that it was a healthy option.  Ok sorry folks but 6 sodas is still 6 sodas diet or not!  Mind you some of these folks worked for a major “health” organization!  My eyes had been opened even more to the ongoing health crisis in our country, and I decided from that point on to fight the obesity epidemic by becoming more knowledgable in the field & being an example to others.  I will admit that it was difficult at first and many times I would pick up a bottle of soda, walk to check out the turn around and put it back (read Food Noise vs Food Voice (Round 1: Little Devil & Little Angel on my shoulder)).  Even at restaurants I’d initially say “coke please” then 2 seconds later say “no forget I’ll just have a water instead thanks”.

I will admit that I was one of those folks that would take full advantage of the “free refills” at a restaurant – ask Troy, he often recalls a time that I had 6 coke’s in one sitting at Mellow Mushroom in Nashville while having lunch with some friends.   I’d even go nutty in the grocery store & stock up on soda if it was a “good deal”.  A nice big cold cherry coke, preferably from Sonic because they put real cherry’s in, would also serve as my afternoon pick me up to get me through my evening swim lessons.  When I found out I was pregnant the first time (with Sophia) I completely cut out all forms of caffeine, soda and all – by golly did I have some horrible head aches for a couple of weeks from the withdrawal.  Yet as I read more about recommendations of what you can and cannot have while pregnant, the second time around (with Tedy) I had a nice cherry coke about once a week.

So as you can see from my past experience, it was not an easy task that I set out to accomplish.  I actually think it was harder than deciding to run a marathon!  Yet looking back on the past with hind site always being 20/20 I realize gee maybe I should have done this a long time ago!

With cutting out soda as one of the factors, it has help me quickly lose weight because soda carries so many empty calories!  Also, I still haven’t let go of my coffee but I have cut back on that as well and I’ve found that a few minutes of vinyassa yoga is better pick me up to get your day going than any caffeinated beverage I’ve ever had!  I used to hate yoga but now that I’ve opened my mind up to it, I’ve found that it has many positive aspects to life!

A coupleish months ago there was a facebook post about a soda fountain machine being broken.  I suggested that they not replace the soda machine – I imagine my suggestion was laughed at based upon the following posts in the comments section.  Yet seriously, the place where this soda machine is kept has many kids come through their doors (I was one of those kids years ago).  It’s not a place that kids go for soda, it’s supposed to be a place they go for Our Savior!

I will admit that this journey has been very difficult and I still struggle some days.  My biggest soda struggle now that it is winter is with ginger ale.  Troy would make fun of how much ginger ale I would go through the moment I felt a cold coming on.  Yet now I’ve turned to different types of teas to get me through this “cold” season.

I strongly suggest to you all to take a second glance at the amount of soda you drink.  If you’re looking for a way to “tighten your belt” look at your household soda consumption.  Eliminating it will help you tighten that belt in more ways than one; it’ll help you shed some unwanted pounds as well as help you save some money.

Giving up any vice is a true sacrifice.  It’s not something that can easily be done over night.  So if you made a resolution this new year and are already having difficulty, don’t fear, it’s not like the clock strikes midnight and BAM your resolution is immediately fulfilled.  It takes time and “baby steps” just taking the first step is part of the journey/battle/whatever you want to call it.  I wish you well in this new year and whatever your resolution might have been, good luck.  Also, remember that technically every day is a new year so if you want to change something not so good in your life you can do it!


2 thoughts on “SIX MONTHS SODA FREE!

  1. Ashley Chand says:

    I love this challenge. I’m going to give it a try. I’m not a big soda fan anyway, but I still drink them. Sounds like a good thing too do!

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